Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Picture A Day - James Cotton

 A fun photo of blues singing, harmonica playing great James Cotton.  Thankfully he is still kicking.

He worked with lots of other musicians I shot - Michael Bloomfield, Grateful Dead, Charlie Musselwhite, Steve Miller, Paul Butterfield and on and on.

Check James Cotton out on his website here.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Dying Blog

Every once in a while I get a new comment on one of my old posts.  It's then that I scold myself for not posting like I used to...letting the place fill with cobwebs.  Not honoring the musicians I've shot.  Not posting pictures.

So here I am. Writing.  At least a few words to see if I have anything to say.  Things have been crazy for me.  My life has been less than stable.  My income sporadic.  And I find it hard to "share" when I'm not in the best of spaces...literally and metaphorically.

But then some nice person stops by here, having found one of my stories that brought back some fond memory for them.  They leave a little 'thanks for the memory' note and it shows up in my inbox.  And makes me feel like I am failing to do my part.  I should be keeping this place alive.

But like I said, I'm not much in the mood most because I'm neck-deep in dealing with someone else's problems.  And then I need to prepare to file my oh-so-late tax returns.  And all the pictures I need to edit.  Things I've promised to do for people.  Things I've promised to do for myself.

Ah, the things I've promised to do for myself.  Maybe those are things I should share in this forum.  Maybe someone out there knows someone that might have some ideas of how I can accomplish the things I've promised for myself.  Yes.  Right after I catch up on the promises for others.

In the meantime...I've been thinking I should maybe post a picture a day.  Earlier today I decided I am posting a new photograph on my Facebook photography page...yup, I've been pretty lax over there too.  I posted a photo earlier this week and another one today.  And I will post one tomorrow. It would be nice if you clicked over there and checked out another facet of my work...

I am also going to do my best to put a new photograph on this blog every day.  A music-related picture that I have taken.  Some new, some old.  Let's see what I have on my hard drive.

Okay, this is what happens when I decide to crawl out from under my rock.  I spend a bunch of time looking through files trying to find something I want to post.  When I finally find something and get it ready to go I do a search to make sure I identify the musician correctly, which generally means doing a search on the band and then on google images.  This time I picked BST drummer Bobby Colomby.  As I'm scrolling through pictures of him and thinking about how hot he is I suddenly come to the picture I was going to post.  Yes, I already posted that one.  One this blog.  Oops.

So here's one I haven' least I searched their name on the blog and came up with nothing.  Even though I thought I had posted it before.

The Hudson Bros.

That's it for today.  The Blogger people have changed the formatting on posting.  I don't like it.  I can't find anything.  I guess I shouldn't have abandoned ship.  If you're someone who's been following my blog thank you for sticking around.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Robin Gibb

I'm not ready to let this guy go.
 Hoping and praying for a miracle.
Soldier on, Robin.