Thursday, April 30, 2009

Darrell Anthony Sweet

It was ten years ago today that Nazareth drummer Darrell Anthony Sweet suffered a fatal heart attack in Indiana while on tour, after playing in the band since 1968 (that's 41 years at the same job, people)...which would probably break Cal Ripken's record.


You gotta love Nazareth's interpretation of this Joni Mitchell ballad - yes, I said ballad...

Rock on, Darrell!

You can see lots more pictures and learn more about Darrell Anthony Sweet and the 47 other musicians in my tribute book, .

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ol' Skool vs. Digital CONTEST RESULTS

First, let me thank all of you who took the time to enter. I hope you enjoyed the process, even if you didn't win.

This was a really interesting contest for me. It was very exciting to see the answers people gave and I was especially entertained by those of you who added your comments.

Only two people got all the answers right. Just seven people got only one wrong. The majority of the entrants got two or more wrong. I have to admit that these results really surprised me. At first, I thought it might be too easy when Tyler picked them all within a couple of minutes, only pausing on #3. But I chalked it up to him being a photographer and having gone to film school. But when Jaimie - who is very inexperienced when it comes to photography - was looking at the blog while I was on the phone with her and got them all right in a matter of five minutes, then proceeded to give me the exact same reasoning that Tyler gave, well...I was completely gobsmacked.

But then the entries started coming in. Two people on day 1 had just 1 wrong. The two people who got them right came a couple of days later, after I finally sent out to my mailing list. I guess it wasn't so easy after all. There was really no rhyme or reason to people's answers. Even with all the data, I can't point to why so many people had trouble figuring them out. And now I can't even figure out how to apply the data for a definitive theory, nor can I say people tend to prefer film over digital or vice versa. I'm going to give the overall response below each picture and maybe one of you brilliant people can tell me what it all means...

#1 Wavy Gravy shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:

1a - FILM
More people got this set right than wrong. Only one of the 7 got this one wrong.


#2 Paul Kantner shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:

More people got this set wrong than right.
Two of the seven 1-wrong answer people got this one wrong.

2b - FILM

#3 Damian Marley's drummer shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:

3a - FILM
I also thought this set would be the most difficult one because the
photos are so similar, but more people got it right than wrong.
Only one of the seven got this set wrong.


#4 Damian Marley's bass player shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:

Way more people got this set right than wrong,
except two out of the seven got it wrong.

4b - FILM

#5 Fish shot at BB King's NY, June 2008:

This set was only one off from being 50-50, and
only one of the seven got it wrong.

5b - FILM

Are you surprised at which were film and which were digital? The way Tyler and Jaimie came up with their answers was based on looking at the backgrounds of each photo. They said the blur was smoother on the pictures shot with film (well, I think that's what they said). Does that make sense to you?

I was hoping I would find my answer by asking the two people who got them all right how they chose their answers. So I sent them this email, not mentioning that they had them right.

Can you please tell me how you chose the answers you picked in this contest? And how you came to enter?

John was the first to respond:

I am on your mailing list and received an e-mail to enter the contest from you. I met you at the Fest for Beatles Fans about 2 years ago and bought 2 of your books.

I am an amateur photographer myself and saw various things in each of the photos that led me to choose film vs. digital. For instance, I noticed some of the blurring of the light and shadows on some photos which is more indicative of film vs. digital. Also, digital to me seems to smooth out some of the detail where film picks everything up. The ones I thought were film seemed more natural looking and had more detail. I really just stared at them for a few minutes each and made my choices.

Then Kevin wrote:

You said in your note that you saw a difference between film and digital, and preferred film, so I tried to choose the one I thought was ‘better’. That part seemed straightforward, if not exactly easy to my untrained eye, but then I noticed a pretty clear difference between the sets, one shot was always darker (or lighter) than the other, and I didn’t always think the darker (or lighter) one was better, so I was pretty sure I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and just picked the ones I liked best without thinking too much. I think I saw your note about the contest on FB. How did I do? I should add that my colleagues never listen to my opinions regarding the aesthetic quality of our books so I won’t be shocked if I got them all bass akwards.

Does that solve the question? Not really, because other people made comments on their entries that they preferred film but then picked several of the digital shots as film. And I have to be honest, after adamantly raving about the images that came up on my screen as I scanned my negatives, once I put the photos side by side with the digital I had to admit that I thought a couple of the digital looked better than the film :-(.

So, now that you know which is which, and the general proportion of the vote, can any of you solve this debate for me once and for all? What's better? Film? Or digital?

And the winners are...

The Grand Prize Winner of the framed Frank Zappa print is Kevin Becketti, because his email arrived two hours in advance of Second Place Winner, John Young, who takes home the Ringo Starr print...

And Honorable Mentions go to the seven entrants who only missed one answer:

Steve Bastien
Bill Lantz
William Schaff
Cory Tucker
John Krill
Maureen Felk
Craig Nisker

Thanks again to those who played, and thanks to anyone who chimes in with their opinion in the comments section.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Steve Currie

Today is the anniversary of Steve Currie's passing. Do you know who he is?


Steve was the bass player for Marc Bolan's T-Rex and, like Marc, he was killed in a single-car crash.

Here's some Hot Love for you...

You can see lots more pictures and learn more about Steve Currie and the 47 other musicians in my tribute book, .

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Pete Ham

Yes, it was just a few days back that I was remembering Pete Ham on the anniversary of his passing and now is the day to celebrate his birthday.

And since it's his birthday I thought I'd lead off with this photo I took of Badfinger backstage where everyone looks to be in a celebratory mood. Pete is the one with the cig in his smiling mouth. Happy times.

April 27, 1947 - April 23, 1975

I chose this video because even though he's not the "star" here, it's just him and George and I'm pretty positive that Pete is celebrating his birthday with him on the other side...

And since he's also partying with fellow bandmates Tommy Evans and Mike Gibbins, here they are having some fun in rehearsal...

Happy Birthday, Pete!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Further Evidence John Mayer Sucks

I was going to post the results of the Ol' Skool vs Digital contest but I needed another day +1 because there's a birthday tomorrow.

Okay...I'm really not a John Mayer hater. Sometimes I think he's a bit egocentric... as in he thinks he's the shit and lets everyone know it... and as in he's really intelligent and has to prove it. But other than those small character flaws (we all have 'em right?), he's pretty much okay.

Now, I will ask you to check this out...John Mayer singing Glad To Be Unhappy on Jay Leno. Someone brought it to my attention and we stood here and watched/listened to it. I'll be honest. I said, "You know, John Mayer does have a certain quality to voice." And he does. There's a lot of his songs where I really like his singing.

Go ahead and take a look and listen to it now...

When it was about a third to half the way through, I asked to see if the 'other' version of the song was on youtube...the person found it and hit the play button...go ahead, you do it too...

One line in, we looked at each other...I uttered a little "ummm...". The second line in the person said something to the effect that 'John Mayer pretty much sucked on that song.'

Oh, did I mention he did this exercise more than once?

I can tell you right now, these two songs would have had John Mayer kicked off American Idol in the first Hollywood round. Simon Cowell would have had a hay day..."John, John, John...If you insist on doing Ol' Blue Eyes can you at least take a shot at making it your own? That was nothing more than a piss poor karaoke version of a great singer that you have no business trying to aspire to."

Hey John...we've heard/seen you imitate Jimi Hendrix. We let you get away with that. We even let you play with Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy Guy and most recently, Jeff Beck. But going on stage thinking you can imitate Frank Sinatra is unthinkable.

Sorry, man, but these really sucked. Hopefully you are up in your new castle on the hill recording an amazing album - make that an amazing ORIGINAL album...rock and blues, okay? - of songs within your wheelhouse, so you can redeem yourself from rolling poor Frank over in his grave.

Please, everyone, feel free to agree or disagree in the comment section. There's nothing like a good debate.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Books and Zombies

My throat hurts. So I'm going to have to go with more pictures than words. Lucky for you.

This was my day. First stop the LA Book Festival at UCLA...

L.A. Book Festival...Tipped
The L.A. Book Festival was trying for me. Too many people. Everything looked the same. White pointy tents one after another.

Heather Thomas
Anyone remember her?

Mark Ebner Shoots Himself
Shooting himself with his own book turned into a gun by book artist Robert The.

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg signs Twilight
I like this photo...Melissa in the background signing and the girl in front whispering in her friend's ear.

Then it was off to Hollywood Boulevard for a Zombie Walk...

The Joker
What would Hollywood Blvd be without him? This was a really quick portrait taken on the fly. I love it. One of my favorites of the day.

Zombie Quality You Can Taste

Who The Fuck Are You?

Zombie Zombie

Sad and Lonely Zombie
Zombie's have feelings too.

I, Zombie Better Than You, Zombie

You Shooting Zombie Shooting You

More Quality You Can Taste

Zombie Love

Hawaiian Zombie
Not to be confused with Hawaiian Barbie.

Don't Fuck With This Zombie
She will eat your brain.

What did you do today?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Day

I broke my favorite glass today. They don't make them anymore. I am not a happy camper. I'm hoping that it's not an omen of what's to come. Last day.

Oh, wait...that's not what I meant by Last Day.

Today is the last day to take your shot at my shot of Frank Zappa...and Ringo. I'm closing the contest off at 11:59pm.

If you haven't entered yet, you should. There's still lots of room at the top. And by doing so you are providing more data to the film vs. digital debate. It gives us all an opportunity to see if film still rules or if it is a dying breed and the future will made up of representing our existence in pixels. This is a huge and important issue people!

So stop whatever you're doing - that includes reading this post - and take a few minutes to suss out (or just guess) which pictures are film and which are digital. It's fun, it costs you nothing and you might go home with this:

$300 Framed Frank Zappa

Or this:

Priceless Unframed Ringo Starr

I hope you win!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pete Ham

Badfinger's Pete Ham passed away 34 years ago today, just four days before he would have turned 28. Yes, he is a member of that elite club known as Forever 27.

April 27, 1947 - April 23, 1975

While his is one of the more tragic stories rock'n'roll, a story that every budding musician should know, I'd prefer to celebrate Pete Ham today. So, let's say a prayer for him and his family, then pull out your Badfinger records or CDs or MP3s and turn them up good and loud for the next five days, all the way through his 62nd birthday.

You don't have any Badfinger records? Tsk, tsk...Okay, it's never to late to turn on to's are couple of great songs to get you started...and there's plenty more on youtube to keep you going...

Don't forget to check out the ...for your chance to win a $300 framed Badfinger print and me to shoot you and design your CD cover.

You can see lots more pictures and learn more about Pete Ham and the 47 other musicians in my tribute book, .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Irony or Poetic Justice?

I fell asleep around 1AM and woke up 45 minutes later... and couldn't fall back to sleep until after 4:30AM. Slept until around 10 and woke up beyond tired. Happy Earth Day. Can't somebody around here give me a full normal night's sleep?

I had a list a mile long of things I needed to accomplish today including, at the bottom, Stay Off The Internet. That is definitely something I want to do for 24 hours...but it couldn't be today. The note for today was that I didn't want to hang on Twitter or Facebook. As much as I love them both, they are a creative juice suck.

First thing I did was check my email. There were a bunch but nothing after 7:15AM. I didn't really think anything of it until I went on Twitter (yeah, I didn't even make it 10 minutes) to answer a couple of DMs. That's Direct Messages for those unfamiliar with the Twit lingo. I was answering one with a link to the I have up on my website. That meant I had to go to my website and collect then go to the tiny url site and turn it into so it wouldn't eat up all 140 characters I get to use on a Twitter message.

After a minute of watching the progress wheel spin 'round and 'round going nowhere, I ended up on the Road Runner page. That's where I go when I enter a url that doesn't exist. I rechecked...same thing...opened a different browser, tried again and still got Road Runner.

My website had disappeared, as in evaporated or never even existed. And that, my friends, is a sinking feeling. Where could it have gone? Will I ever get it back? I went back to my email and checked for mail - still no new mail. I sent myself an email but it didn't come back. I checked the webmail online that routes my mail from my site host to my email software. Nothing in the inbox. I went on my gmail account and sent myself an didn't come.

Then I went to my web hosting company's site...their's had disappeared too. Oh my God, it's Armageddon. I called the company. They weren't accepting phone calls. The lady on the recording said if I needed assistance to go to their website where I could participate in an online chat with them. Really? When your website has vanished into thin air?

Now, you're probably thinking that I am a complete dumbass because I must have I signed myself up with some rinky-dink-fly-by-night web hosting company and they've now emptied my bank account and run off to Tahiti. Well, you'd be wrong.

My website is hosted by one of the major companies. A company that couldn't possibly go completely down. Especially today. Today of all days. It just doesn't make any sense...can someone please explain...

How could EARTHLINK crash on EARTH DAY?

So, I ask, is that irony? Or is it poetic justice for the company trying to take over the universe. My website eventually appeared back on the scene around 3PM. Then I started to get some of my emails. It wasn't that I clicked Get Messages and was bombarded with 100 emails. There probably were that many, but they literally trickled in. I'd get one that was an hour old, then a few minutes later there would be a couple for the early morning, then a brand new one. I have no idea if I got everything. Hell, I just got one with an *:29AM time stamp. And I'm sure they obliterated the one from that guy I used to know that said, "If you call in the next 30 minutes you can claim the $100,000 I owe you."

Such is life.

If any of you wonderful people out there know a really reliable webhosting company that doesn't rake you (I'm really missing the arm and the leg I've had to give up to Earthlink) please let me know. I've been loyal too long.

Finally, don't forget, there's only 48 hours left to enter to . Don't miss out.

Pertinent to the film vs. digital debate, I took the above picture on slide film. It's the kind of gorgeous sky that you can only find in Alberta or Montana.

Happy Earth Day. Now go hug a tree.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Singer/Songwriter's Competition

God Help Me...

I am barley watching American Idol...meaning it's on in the background and my ears are 25% present at most. I'm not a regular viewer of the show so I have no idea who's left or who left or if anyone is really considered to be the next big star. But I'll take an educated guess and say...NONE.

The first chick that came out sang a Chaka Khan song...I saw Chaka Khan...and let me tell you, she ain't no Chaka Khan. This is Chaka Khan...

American Idol is symbolic of what is wrong with the music industry today. And it pisses me off that this year's Grammy® Awards was chock-full of AI grads. PLEASE, will someone please give us some original talent? A singer who writes kickass songs would be good. A singer that is drawn to music because music is the blood that runs through their veins would be good. A singer who is not interested in becoming a celebutante would be good.

Don't tell me the Idol contestants are young talents that will develop into greatness. Ain't gonna happen. The could blow every single one of the AI contestants off the stage singing that Michael Jackson song he did on BGT. Of course, he's from Swansea, home town of Badfinger's Pete Ham, Tom Evans and Mike Gibbins so that might explain his edge. And I guess the UK is just a better breeding ground for music talent. Which doesn't exactly make sense since Britain's musical icons - from the British Invasion onwards - have all been influenced by the American blues greats.

I'm really hoping someone - wait a second...can someone get a cane and pull this dude off the stage? - the one that's playing dress-up and thinks he can sing the Bee Gees...OMG and people are cheering for him and Randy is telling him that he can REALLY sing. I can't believe I'm going to say this but, "Thank you, Simon Cowell" for a reality check on the BG boy. All right, back to my original thought...

I'm REALLY hoping that someone can prove me wrong. So much so that I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I'm going to open my own music competition right here, right now.

Here's the deal:
1. You have to write and sing your own song.
2. You can be a solo artist or a group.
3. You have to be American or Canadian (no Brits 'cause that just wouldn't be fair).
4. You have to record it as a video and we have to be able to tell it's you actually Milli Vanilli shit.
5. Your video has to have the embedding enabled and be available to post on my blog via youtube or some other accessible service.
6. You can be as old or as young as you are.
7. You can't be signed to a label.
8. The deadline to enter is George Carlin's birthday...if you don't know it and can't look it up you don't belong on any stage, much less mine.

How to enter? Email me a link to your video to with Real Musician Contest in the subject line. Also, tell me a little about yourself/selves so I know you're not nucking futs.

How the competition will be judged? I'm going to post the videos on here in groups of five and open it up for votes - from a jury of voters that read my blog so as not to have errant voting by the band/singer canvassing their friends and family. The video with the least number of votes will get voted off the blog and it will be removed forever. Depending on how many entries, we will have semi-finalist and finalist rounds...whatever.

The prize? Well, since I mentioned Badfinger, I'm going to give the winner this $300 framed print of the Swansea boys backstage:

I easily decided on Badfinger as the prize because they represent the level of songwriting and singing ability we're looking for in this competition. I will also do a photo shoot with the winners (in Los Angeles or if I'm ever in your area) onstage and offstage for free and/or design a CD cover for you, for free. You can check some of my CD and music DVD designs .

So, all singer/songwriters out there who think they really have the talent and could have competed in a competition with the likes of the musicians in (I suggest you check them out on youtube before you submit) send me a link to your song. You've got until George Carlin's birthday, which should give you enough time to pull together a video of your best performance.

I can' t promise you a recording contract or exposure to millions but you never know...this little competition may just catch on. It's worth a shot...and the best I can hope for is that I'll be entertained and proven wrong.

And while we're waiting for your entries, any of my readers out there who would like to be a judge, drop me a comment or shoot me an email. This will be fun...and wouldn't it be amazing if we found 'THE ONE'? I will also take suggestions in the comment section of this post on a good name for the competition.

Other things going on here:

It's not too late to enter the . So far, I only have three entries with all the correct answers - Is one of them you? - not enough to fill out all the prizes, so enter NOW. You could be the grand prize winner. If you've already entered and haven't received an email letting you know we received your entry, please resubmit it 'cause it must have been sucked into cyberhell.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Having Fun

Wow, I've received tons of feedback from people really enjoying the contest, picking between the film photos and digital photos. Well, I really appreciate each and every one of you who have participated. It was been a real eye-opener for me and is inspiring me to take this discussion further once the winners are determined.

I've decided to give the contest an extra 48 hours, mainly because I just sent notification about the contest out to my mailing list and I want to give them the chance to participate, since they are supposed to be the VIPs who get the first shot at everything. And speaking of my mailing list, I'd love for all my new Twitter friends and any other new friends of the blog to sign up. It's super simple...just go to and you'll see a little box below the menu bar on the left. Type your email address in the box that says "email" and click the "Sign Me Up" button.

Speaking of my website, I still haven't posted anything on there about the contest - another reason to extend - someone please remind me to do that first thing tomorrow. Anyway, the reason you want to sign up is that I notify my mailing list of new things that are happening before I blog it (okay, except this time I kinda screwed up) and sometimes I do specials that only go to the mailing list. It's especially important now because I have a couple of huge announcements coming up, including a very special event (hopefully) that's in the planning stages. Also good to know, I don't send out spammy stuff, I don't email people more than once a month (today's was only the second email this year) and I never share or sell your email address with anyone. I hate it when people do that.

In other social networking news, I would love to connect with more people on . So, if you're on there, please send me a . You'll get to know another side of me over there as it's more instantaneous than my blog. As an example, I like to post mobile photos up there...mostly goofy stuff such as today's photo, titled "Eating a Burger on the Corner of Hollywood and Highland":

Notice the stealth-like way I integrated today's photo into the post?

And my new favorite way to waste time and procrastinate is Twitter. Are you on Twitter? This is . Please follow me (sheesh, that sounds stupid, like I'm the Pied Piper or something). I've met a lot of people over there. Some of you are probably reading this right now. The thing I love about it is your posts are limited to 140 characters. It's fun to exercise and stretch one's writing gotta be brief...ybe good at bantering...and make sure you're not boring. Twitter is where I got the fodder for my post. Here's what my Twitter page looks like right now:

See, I said Hi to you. The only drawback of Twitter is the addiction factor, which led me to post this little diddy: I'm going into the basement to mix up some medicine...not coming out 'til I come up with a pill to cure Twitter addiction...KER-CHING!!!

Anyway, that's enough social networking crap for one post. It's time for me to get the sleep I thought I was going to get last night, but didn't. My apologies for typos and poor grammar in this eyeballs are falling out so there's no editing or rewriting tonight.

If you haven't done the contest thing, go .

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Win Frank Zappa

Hey People...get your finger on the scrolly button and head down to the previous post and enter the Ol' Skool v. Digital contest to win this valuable piece of artistry:

I want Frank to go to a nice you have a nice home? Do you have a friend who has a nice home? If so, tell them and everyone else you know to stop on by. We've had a lot of people stopping by but not as many entries as I'd like. Don't wait until the last minute. And don't make me extend the contest...I don't think I can handle the suspense.

I know some of you are finding the challenge to get the right answers rather daunting. Just click on the photos to see them bigger and feel your way (with your intuition, not your hands) to the right answer. It can't be much harder than breathing.

In other non-breaking news, I'm really really tired, even though I feel I've accomplished nothing this weekend. I'm hoping to get a good night's sleep tonight and greet Monday which the energy of an atom bomb. Keep your defensive gear handy. And consider yourself forewarned.

Now, git yerself down there and play the game. I've been told it's actually fun.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ol' Skool v. Digital

WIN this FRANK ZAPPA framed print!!
(no purchase necessary)

Okay, before I get on with today's magically delicious post, I have pictorial proof of last night's internet splat...

How ironic that I was working on a post about the subject of old school versus digital. Internet Fail. Chalk one up for the Ol' Skool team.

I didn't feel like going back into the archives so I opened up my Concert Photography file drawer that has all the stuff that wasn't in , all stuff from the box that I've already scanned and filed. Or so I thought. Turns out I had also stashed a couple of contact sheets and negs from last year's Harmony Festival in the drawer.

The Harmony Festival happened right after I bought my Nikon D300. Yup, that's the Digital in Ol' Skool v. Digital. But I also took the groovy Pentax Spotmatic II I bought on ebay to the festival. It's the exact camera I used to shoot all my rock'n'roll shows of yore, but this was my first opportunity to shoot with it at a concert. And that is when I first discovered the pros of going digital (a hard thing for me to admit).

Using digital and film cameras at the same time is really hard. It's like having Tivo for a while and then going to a hotel and trying to rewind to catch something you missed on a TV show. At the concert I shot a bunch of frames on the digital camera - easy peasy - no focusing necessary, no advancing the film. Chalk two up for Digital. Then I put the Pentax up to my eye - not so easy peasy - oops, gotta focus...I take the shot...go for another shot...oops, I didn't advance the film. Then back to the digital...what, I don't have to focus? Trust me. It really messes with your brain. And your arms. The Pentax is a fraction of the weight I have to bear with the Nikon D300. Yay, chalk one up for Ol' Skool. Okay, that's 2 points for Ol' Skool and 2 points for Digital. We're even steven.

Last night I pulled out the negs I shot with the Pentax. I picked a contact sheet and decided to scan a frame from each strip. When I looked at the scans, I fell back in love with the beauty of film. And that's what I was going to post. But then I came up with a better idea. Why not show a similar shot I took with the Nikon D300 and see the difference. Let's see if we can break the tie and decide once and for all if it's time to get rid of all this technology or pack in the silver nitrate.

We've got two shots of each subject, totaling ten pictures. I'll mark them 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, etc. You have to tell me which one you like best, judging on the image quality not the aesthetic quality. And feel free to say which one you think is the film. SCRATCH THAT...I'm turning this into a CONTEST. I still want to hear which shot you prefer, but to win the contest you have to correctly determine the shots on film and the shots on digital. There's no trick here...each subject has one of each. And there's a nice long list of prizes, rules and how to enter after the photos...

#1 Wavy Gravy shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:



#2 Paul Kantner shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:



#3 Damian Marley's drummer shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:



#4 Damian Marley's bass player shot at the Harmony Festival, June 2008:



#5 Fish shot at BB King's NY, June 2008:



You can click on each photo to view it larger...PLEASE do not download.


The Grand Prize Winner receives this open edition framed and signed silver gelatin print (that's real archival professional photo paper, folks) of FRANK ZAPPA (current value - $300). The grand prize winner will also receive an 8.5x11 signed inkjet print of RINGO STARR.


FIVE Second Prize Winners will receive this 8.5x11 signed inkjet print of RINGO STARR (current value - priceless).


1. Your entry must include each picture number with the word "film" or "digital" next to each.

2. Your entry must be emailed to with Photo Contest in the subject line. PLEASE only ONE ENTRY per PERSON...if I figure out you've enter under multiple addresses all your entries will be disqualified.

3. Your real name and email address must be included in your entry. (I will not share your identity or email address with anyone...EVER!...and if you win you can decline to be announced as a winner)

4. If there are six or less correct entries, the first winning entry received will be deemed the winner. If there are more than six correct entries, all correct entries will be put in the proverbial fish and the grand prize and second place winners will be drawn at random.

5. This contest is open to everyone, everywhere within our solar system. Celebrities, people I know, celebrities I know are all welcome to enter. BUT if you are a celebrity and/or I know you, don't think for one minute that celebrity or friendship will help you in any way. No bribes will be accepted.

6. ONE HITCH...if you win and you live outside the United States you will have to pay the additional postage above and beyond the cost of U.S. shipping or choose to ship it to a friend in the U.S. There is no cost for shipping prizes within the United States. (Not meaning to discriminate here but I can't afford the international or intergalactic shipping costs)

7. Why am I doing this and what's in it for me? This is a way for me to thank all my readers and supporters and lovers of music. I'm also trying to get more people to read my blog and learn about my the fantastic musicians I honor here and in my book, . There is NO PURCHASE REQUIRED to enter or win this is FREE to enter and FREE to win (unless you are shipping your prize outside the U.S.). Although, I'd be super thrilled if you decide to buy a book, but purchasing a book will not help you to win this contest.

8. Contest opens now and closes at 11:59pm PST (that's Los Angeles time) on Tuesday April 21, 2009. NOTE: CONTEST EXTENDED TO 11:59PM FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009.

9. Any questions regarding this contest please email with Contest Question in the subject line.

10. I have the final say on everything. That's just the way it's gotta be. I hope you will forward this contest to everyone you know!

Lastly, since you made it all the way to the end of this, I reward you with a shot of Damian Marley...
Damian Marley at the Harmony Festival 2008

Thanks for playing.

(P.S. - Comments are closed on this post to prevent, well, comments and online entries. Enter via email to