Friday, April 10, 2009


I hope I don't burn in Hell for pimping on Good Friday. I don't do it very often but once in a while, when I come across something that's really exceptional, I just gotta pimp. In this case it's this new photographer I found. He's so good I'm thinking I might as well just pack it in.

The first thing I came across was his new photography blog that you should definitely follow. It's called . Every day he shoots a new photograph and posts it on his blog. And I guarantee they are cool.

By the looks of his profile photo, he's really young...

Then I found out this amazing photographer also has a on Facebook.. A freaking fan page? WTF, I don't even have a fan page on Facebook. Mr. Amazing Photographer has a lot of cool rock'n'roll pictures on his "fan page." Shit, he shot The Police. I haven't even shot The Police.

There was also this picture of him on his Facebook page...

It looks like he's also a filmmaker. Criminy. Who is this guy? And where did he get his talent from?



Steve B said...

That profile picture is a good one. He's kinda got a Simon Baker thing happening..must be good genes, eh?

Chesher Cat said...

I dunno...maybe it's the photographer.

Steve B said...

Both, I'd say... :)