Friday, April 17, 2009

Phone Blog

This is a first. I'm writing and hopefully posting this from my iPhone. My Internet service is down but I'm dedicated to a post a day so this is it...emergency posting. And I can tell you right now - this is a bitch. I suck at my phone keyboard. Wanna see? I will type a sentence without corrections...hi, this us dyour host of the blog ttyi to write a sentence without making rises - that as mmwas duplsedti be fixes - there soul be mor mistakes but the ipbi e has auto correct.

Anyway, I was working on a post when I realized I have no Internet. Funny enough, it's called Ol' Skool...about shooting pictures with film in this digital world. How's that for irony?

Ok...I'm glad to know I can post in a pinch but this is about all I can handle for today.

I'll be back tomorrow with the post I was putting up today.

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Chesher Cat said...

Wow...check this out, I can even make comments from my phone. I definitely feel next year.

Sorry I didn't post a photo. Maybe I'll go back and give it a shot.