Thursday, April 16, 2009

Location, Location, Location

That's what it's all about, right?

Well, today it was literal for me. Today, I took a whirlwind trip around the world in just 4 hours. Really. It's true. I'll explain that in a minute, but in the meantime this is what happened on my way to my trippy trip...cruising west on the 10 freeway...

Nasty smoke on my horizon.

The smoke blackens.

Hmmm....I smell rubber, the burning kind.

Driving into a sea of smoke.

I was happy to see it wasn't a ginormous crash.

Just a simple one-vehicle burn. Spectacular just the same.

Finally made it through that little mess, then exited the freeway only to find the street I wanted to turn left on was blocked for construction. w.t.f. I was spitting distance from my destination, yet I had to zig zag through jammed streets for an extra two miles, before I would be admitted to...

Swag Heaven

I wandered around the U. S. of A. for a bit. Picked up a new t-shirt from avocado from a neighboring county...shot over to Lafayette for a couple of bottles of marinade (that should be yummy)...passed through Nevada and picked up a deck of cards...stopped by Sedona for a couple of coasters...followed by Flagstaff for a that point I was getting a bit thirsty so I headed up to...

Where, I have to say, it was a bit Icy.

But I managed to get one of those fresh bottles of Icelandic water...and it did the trick, even though it was at room temperature.

From Iceland, I jetted over to Jordan where I was greeted with baklava (yum) and one of those red and white long scarfy things that Jordanian men wear on their heads, kept in place by a braided black halo-looking doohickey. (My apologies for my poor cultural terminology.)

Jordan was cool...or should I say, hot?

It was a quick hop, skip and jump over to Kenya...

...where I was bestowed with two, count 'em, two lovely tribal-looking shawls and a safari hat.

Then it was "back to the States, back to the cutest girls in the world...da da da..." where I landed safely in Montana. Picked up some coasters there and then had a lovely meeting...even though they only offer a 14% incentive, there's no sales tax, no permit fees, free to shoot on the highways and locations are chirp, cheep, CHEAP! Yup, it's all about location, location, location.

Now, I'm back...only slightly jet lagged...chillin' at my home sweet home.


Steve B said...

Was that a show for potential filmakers?

Chesher Cat said...

Not potential filmmakers. It's a trade show for the film commisions around the world to attract filmmakers, location managers etc. with their current incentives, vistas and, of course, swag. It's free to people in the industry.

I was there to meet with my friends in Montana and Alberta, where we are potentially shooting our film.