Wednesday, June 25, 2008

George Carlin

You will be missed.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Sad


George Carlin is DEAD!

May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008

I'll post a performance shot when I get back to L.A.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peter Bardens

He would have been 63 today.

Something you may not know about Peter Bardens...Mick Fleetwood credits him for starting his music career.

Here's Camel's Never Let Go with Peter on keyboards and lead vocals:

I'm celebrating Peter's birthday in Bethlehem, PA at the NearFest prog rock festival.

My only question is if Peter Bardens was a trailblazer of progressive rock in the early seventies how can it still be called progressive rock today?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Heart City

If you've been around here for a while, you may remember my posts on the stills I shot for this movie. It seems like light years ago.

Wait a was.

Dateline: August 12, 2006 - .

Dateline: August 29, 2006 - .

See what you miss when you don't delve into the archives?

Anyway...FINALLY...this little movie is getting its due. Big Heart City producer Peter Basler (my producing partner on My First Kiss) was just in Vegas for the CineVega film festival and next week Big Heart City is screening and competing in the Los Angeles Film Festival.

That led to the following blurb in the Los Angeles Times which includes one of my photos:

I'll be at the June 24th screening at the Regent Theater in Westwood since I heard they're doing the Red Carpet for that one (yes, I'm a Red Carpet whore).

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Harry

Harry Nilsson would have been 67 today.

Put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up...

Happy Birthday, Harry!!
And thanks for all the great music.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Harmony Festival - Day 1

Getting there was a pain in my ass.

I picked Cucumber Rob up at LAX around six, six-thirtyish. He was outside and waiting right where he was supposed to be. Originally I was planning to pack up the car and drive up to the Bay Area straight from the airport, but Cucumber Rob had sent four large (read heavy) boxes of Jefferson Starship CDs, plus I had my boxes of stuff that would be sold. And if that wasn't enough, I was also taking a coffee table (mounted on the roof of the Jeep) up to my girl child. I decided it was best not to provoke the airport security into searching the car so we stopped back at my place to do the loading.

That was the problem. After waking at 7am and spending the day working, packing/prepping for the trip, I still had a bunch of pictures to print. I thought it would be cool to show the Starship some photos of the band I took way back when, and we were also planning a side trip on the way back to see the lead singer of a mega UK band I shot in '75. Scanning, retouching, all had to be done. And Cucumber Rob needed my wifi to take care of some biz back in the UK. And I had to make and print a sign for him to advertise the CDs. And, and, and.

By the time all the 'ands' were done with it was 10:30 or 11ish pm when we got back on the 405 heading North. We didn't get very far out of town before we needed to stop for food. I went to Mickey D's for a 1/4 pounder meal, knowing that if I ate it all I would definitely be able to stay awake for the long haul. Finicky Mr. Vegetarian Cucumber Rob refused to order from Ronald, so we found Mike's diner (his new favorite place) where he picked up a cheese sandwich.

Within a half hour of eating (and me driving), Cucumber Rob fell asleep in mid-sentence, maybe a couple of miles past the Grapevine, leaving me to navigate the darkness of the I-5 all by myself. Between the flapping of the sheet (meant to protect the roof of my car from the potentially scratchy coffee table) and Cucumber Rob's incessant snoring, it's a wonder I wasn't lulled into a permanent sleep. By the grace of somebody, we managed to hit the Bay Area around 3:30 but didn't make it to Chez Jaimie until at least 4. Due to the brain damage caused by my lack of sleep and Cucumber Rob's surplus of snoring I took the wrong turnoff and ended up on the road to nowhere, then forgot to make a turn to the 101 S after crossing the architectural anomaly known as the Richmond Bridge.

By the time my head hit the pillow I was dead asleep. I was awake again 5 hours later, although it felt more like 5 minutes, to help Cucumber Rob unbungee the coffee table from the roof before he, me and the girl child headed to girl child's fave restaurant for breakfast (this was required in lieu of payment for the accommodations). Oh before I forget, there was a list of rules that came with the privilege of staying at the Chez. These were emailed to me and forwarded to Cucumber Rob prior to our LA departure.

I figure I should reprint them here just in case you find yourself booked in at Chez Jaimie:

No Shoes inside.
No Gum chewing.
No whistling.
No Coffee inside.
You will be expected to clear your sleeping area as soon as you awake, this includes vacuuming (provided it is after 8 am).
No towels will be provided without a $5 service charge for laundering.
The toilet seat must always be down when not in use.
You must turn out every light before leaving a room.
All doors are to remain closed except when entering/exiting.
You must be mindful of the cats and not let them out.
You will be expected to wash all your own dishes or incur a $5 service charge for each dish.
All cell phones must be turned off in my apartment to avoid unnecessary electromagnetic radiation. OFF, silent mode does not count.
You will walk lightly on the stairs and refrain from conversation in outside corridors.
You will be charged for water for showers, brushing teeth, flushing toilet etc.
You absolutely must flush the toilet. You must flush twice if it smells and then light a match. Please bring you own matches.
You may not move furniture around... if you are not comfortable with the space provided for sleeping then go to a hotel.
You will be kicked out for loud noise or sudden movements.
You may not open closets or drawers.
You must be respectful of the hostess at all times.
Telling jokes pertaining to race, religion, or politics are grounds for being kicked out... unless you are poking fun at Jesus.
You may not leave anything in the bathroom. IE take your toothbrush in when you are brushing your teeth and then take it out with you--otherwise I will throw it away.
If you walk into the kitchen for any reason you will be required to mop the floor.

And finally, I reserve the right to refuse service and kick you out, or to charge you a service fee for any inconvenience you may cause me.

Enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you.

Fortunately, we were not there long enough to break many of the rules. Although, as I recall, Cucumber Rob's matches were confiscated on boarding his plane in Mexico City.

Enough of my are some photos from Day 1...

The car and the coffee table...

C. Rob tries to unbungee the coffee table.
We discuss taking it to the festival.
I eventually lent a hand...really, I did...

C. Rob does whatever it takes to keep the rulemaker happy.

Yes, it was a hippy-dippy fest...

With Eco-friendly folks...

And the globally bizarre Cucumber Rob...

Did I mention it was a hippy-dippy fest?

Hula-hoops on our way to the stage...

Where music would soon abound...

Meet the Green Woman

Did I mention it was hippy-dippy fest?

Our tent city...

And my tent - naked.

More to come. A couple of photos of Mickey Hart from the night of Day 1 and then Day 2.

I know you can't wait.

I certainly can't.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Getting back from the 60s in the time machine has proven more difficult than I ever imagined.

I think I'm going to have to make a minor stopover in Switzerland for a full blood replacement transfusion.

Anybody know how long that takes?

I'm supposed to shoot at the House of Blues on Sunset at 9pm tonight. Hoping I can make it back by then. Wait. Maybe I can catch him on the way back when I pass through the 80s.


As of around midnight, I returned from the five-day sojourn up to Santa Rosa for the Harmony Festival.

Had a great time, which I promise to write about in the coming days. Part of the fun and games included shooting tons of pictures of pictures, which I promise to post a sampling in the coming days. In addition to shooting the interesting people I saw after some time machine jettisoned us back to the 60s, I shot some great musicians such as Jefferson Starship, Arrested Development, Charlie Musselwhite, Mickey Hart and Damien Marley.

And I slept in a tent. After I get some sleep in my real bed, I'll hopefully be able to collect my thoughts and tell you all about it.