Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Party hard, listen to the great music of at least one of the musicians honored in Everybody I Shot Is Dead, and most important...BE SAFE!

I've been so crazy with work lately I completely forgot to make plans for New Year's Eve. How weird is that? Or should I say, sad? So, unless I get an email from someone inviting me to an awesome party I think I'll be laying low and waking up on January 1st without a hangover.

I have lots of good news to end what turned out to be one of the busiest and most fulfilling years of my life... my AP Feature that ran in the Boston Globe and this very blog both got a mention over at . If you're dropping in from there thank you for taking time out of your day to visit and I hope you'll check out the archives and come back soon.

And I just heard from Kate Coe that my interview I did with her has posted on . Check it out. If you found your way here from there, again I welcome you and hope you'll stick around... or at least invite me to a great party tonight.

And last but not least... if you're thinking of purchasing Everybody I Shot Is Dead and want to get a signed copy, now is the time. All domestic (U.S.) orders include free priority shipping through January 2008. That means you'll have it on your doorstep a couple of days after you order it. Also, we are discounting multiple orders (domestic and international) - you save $10 on 2 books and $30 on 3 books. There is also a ten dollar discount applied to all international shipping. You'll find these specials on my website, . Oh, and in case you haven't checked it out, you can take a look inside the book and also see lots of the pictures from the book on display .

Again, thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by and have a very safe and Happy New Year!

Birth and Death

On this day 64 years ago, the world welcomed singer, songwriter, environmentalist, advocate and pilot, John Denver. A happy day indeed.

John Denver
12/31/43 - 10/12/97

This song is usually attributed to Peter, Paul and Mary but it was actually written by Denver.

Sadly, on this same day 22 years ago, the world lost the very talented singer, songwriter and actor, Rick Nelson in a tragic plane crash.

Rick Nelson
5/8/40 - 12/31/85

While this song became a huge hit for Rick Nelson, it was written by Gene Pitney, another one of the musicians honored in Everybody I Shot Is Dead.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Remember Maureen

Maureen Starkey
8/4/46 - 12/30/94

Famous for being a Beatle wife but far more powerful in her own right.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Missing Dennis Wilson

24 years gone

12/4/44 - 12/28/83

Friday, December 21, 2007

Round Round Get Around...

I get around!

Imagine my surprise when my AP feature showed up and .

How oddly cool is that?

Thank you, John Rogers for being a wonderful interviewer and spot-on writer. Also thanks to fellow photographer Damian Dovarganes for making me look good.

And I thank each and every one of the media outlets for helping spread the word that we need to keep the music and the memory of these fantastic musicians alive!

I am humbled and indebted.

Happy Birthday, Frank and Carl

Happy 67th, Mr. Zappa.
You are missed.

Happy 61st, Mr. Wilson

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Behind the Scenes

I've done a lot of interviews. Not just for Everybody I Shot Is Dead. I did a bunch of interviews for my first book, Starart. My experiences have included many television interviews as well as radio and print. I was even on Merv Griffin back in the day.

So, what's my point? Today's television interview was something completely different. It was my very first live feed interview... meaning I was in a tiny little room all by myself. Talking to a camera. I knew the folks back in Toronto were putting my photographs up but I couldn't see them. The wasn't a monitor feeding me the show. I saw nothing. The only contact I had with the human race was the voice in my ear.

This was my view. A big black box with a camera on top and a tiny monitor where I could look at myself. That would be my least favorite thing to do.

Close-up of said tiny monitor. The cutie taking the picture is my boy . Click on his name to meet the real photographer in the family.

I couldn't deal with the idea of talking into a blank camera - I'm an eye contact person - so John, the guy who miked me up, brought in Sponge Bob as a stand in for Heather Hiscox. How did he know I love Sponge Bob?

This is Heather Hiscox. The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think? Just as if Heather and I were in the same room.

Did I mention I like eye contact?

Getting ready... Okay, so I looked in the monitor. Once. For three seconds. Big deal. But, hey, I didn't have anyone to do my hair and make-up. Only what I could pull out of my I-rarely-wear-make-up understocked make-up bag. Plus it was six-thirty-friggin'-o'clock in the morning. I apologize to the viewers. I usually look better. Honestly. Okay, maybe not.

And then, in a blink of an eye, it was over. I popped Heather Hiscox out of my ear. We were done. It was all over as if it had never happened. And I was left wondering what I said and didn't say. I have no idea. Of course, after the fact my thought was "I could have done better." Same thing I said after I gave birth.

Anyway, I hope they kept the pictures of George Harrison, Marc Bolan, Maurice Gibb, Frank Zappa and Hank Snow up for the whole time. Because the musicians are what it's all about.

If you happened to catch the segment, post a comment and let me know what it looked like on live TV.

On our way out I begged John to pose for a picture with me in the control room. He's full-on Scottish. Complete with the accent. I like Scottish people. And this one in particular was very nice.

Thanks to all the people at CBC News Morning for putting my book on the air. Much appreciated.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Canada

I get to wake up really early tomorrow morning and drive to a West Side studio to do a live feed interview on at 9:30ish EST.

Yes, that's 6:30am for me.

That's really early.

As in I think I need to get up at 4:30am.

Maybe one of my East Coast friends will call me when they get up at 7:30am?

Damn, that's early.

I hope I don't come off as blathering idiot.

If you're in the Great White North, please tune in.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dan Fogelberg

This is not the news I want to bring you.

Guitarist, singer, songwriter and environmentalist Dan Fogelberg passed away at 6am EST yesterday, Sunday, December 16th after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 56.

I had the privilege of photographing him in the Spring of 1974 at the Vancouver Gardens when he opened for the Eagles. I had the opportunity to meet him once more at an after-concert party at Chasen's in Los Angeles. He was as nice as he was talented.

I was aware that Dan was ill while I was working on Everybody I Shot Is Dead and was really happy that he was fighting the good fight against the cancer by the time I put the book to bed. The last thing I wanted to do was add him to the book. Now that he's gone I wish there was a way to add him...he so deserves to be honored.

Here is one the the photos from the Vancouver show, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite pictures.

August 13, 1951 - December 16, 2007

Rest in Peace.

Happy Birthday, Paul!

He would have been 65 today, December 17th.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gifts Galore at the Chesher Cat Store

Happy Holidays
from all of us at
Finally, some semblance of the is up...hopefully not too late for the holiday shopping season.

The big additions to the site include the availability of fine photography prints from Everybody I Shot Is Dead and the long promised Everybody I Shot Is Dead t-shirts.

For those of you who have not purchased a copy of the book (yet), the new site gives you a chance to see many more of the 416 photos in the book.

Please excuse the funkiness of the links on the navigation bars. The one on the front page works but after that you'll have to be using your browser back button. Clicking on the various images will get you to the next place you want to go - it's just getting back that can be difficult. We're working on streamlining everything. Feel free to lodge your complaints in the comment section.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Back Soon soon as we finish getting the website revisions done. In addition to what's already available, we are putting all the prints up, as well as t-shirts.

So, hang on to some of your holiday bucks and get something unique from the Chesher Cat store...for yourself or a loved one. Items start as low as $15.

The doors should be open tomorrow night...if I can figure out the code and shipping costs on the shirts.

Ho ho ho.

Monday, December 10, 2007


It's 12:43am here. I have to leave for the airport at 8:15am. I'm about to start packing. It's been a busy four days here. Much to blog about...the last half of the drive, the stuff I did here, all with lots of pictures to go along with the words.

And let's not forget about Led Zeppelin. Even without the world's greatest drummer, I'm happy to report it looks like the reunion concert was a triumph. Wish I was there. Were any of you?

I'm carrying a framed print of Bonham home on the plane with me. The other two I had in the Vancouver show were sold. The one I'm bringing home is (in my opinion) the best one.

I've also received some touching emails that I want to tell you about.

But all of this will have to wait until I'm back home...'cause right now I have to pack...and get some sleep.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Are You Anywhere Near Calgary?

There's an open house this weekend where you can drop in and say hi (to me), as well as check out my book and see a very special private style showing of a selection of prints from the book...and pick up your very own Everybody I Shot Is Dead t-shirt.

So, if you're in the area send an email to including your phone number and someone will ring you up and give you the address and secret code.

Ha, ha, ha...I don't believe there is a secret code.

Okay, what are you waiting for? Consider this your engraved invitation.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Road Trip

Dateline: Wednesday, 11:35pm

This is on the wall in my room. What is it? Sure, it's a timer switch. But what's it for? It's on the wall outside the bathroom, but there's no heat light. Weird.

Should I turn it on?

Okay. I will.
Tick, tick, tick. It didn't turn on a light. It didn't turn on the heat. Tick, tick, tick. Shit. It's not doing anything. Just tick, tick, tick. What's going to happen when it runs down? Am I going to blow up? I feel like I'm in an episode of Lost. What if the room blows up?

I'm really, really tired.

I woke up at 5:45am and got on a plane...
It took off from LAX at 7:30am. Over the ocean. Reminding me that I should go to the beach more often.

After two and half hour I saw this...
And this...
Vancouver. I spent the day wrapping up the show and loading what was left into a cargo van. I hit the road at 8:30pm.

It wasn't long before I was out of the city. Everything became dark. The highway narrowed and disappeared into the trees with every turn. A fog danced across the road. Like a Stephen Kind novel. Then by 10:30pm I was here...
Main Street. Yes, that's snow.

Then I found this place...

A man checked me in. He was extremely nice. I paid in cash.

The room is very nice. I got one with internet. I thought that meant there would be an ethernet plug-in. turns out it meant there was a computer in the room. I'd show you a picture but suddenly my photos won't upload. Wonder if it has anything to do with the wall timer. It's almost finished counting down.

Tick, tick, tick....KABOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Of Late

I've been trying to catch up on a bunch of past things I want to post but so far I have failed. I just spent 15 minutes searching for a particular picture that I wanted to include here but I didn't find it. I'm hoping it's on the external drive in the office and I can find it tomorrow.

So, what have I been doing besides not keeping up with my posting? I'm glad you asked. A couple of interesting things over the past several days...

This is where I was last night. The Ribbon of Hope awards from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, honoring outstanding programming in the area of AIDS awareness. This is a about the event. It was an incredible evening and more important than ever in light of the fact that we continue to allow the AIDS pandemic to fade from the media limelight, as more and more people around the world (including the U.S.) become infected at alarming rates. Did you even know yesterday (as in 12/1) was World Aids Day?

There were celebrities galore, including Judith Light, Alison Angram, Julie Newmar (that's the back of her head on the left in the above picture) and pictured below...

...the very funny Bruce Vilanch.

I also had the opportunity to meet an amazing young man, the evening's keynote speaker . Please take a moment to click on his name and see what makes him so remarkable.

My book publicist, Harlan Boll, was one of the producers of the show and I can't thank him enough for inviting me to such an incredibly moving and educational event. P.S. I apologize again for wearing my inappropriate Everybody I Shot Is Dead t-shirt under my suit jacket. Hopefully it didn't show up on TV.

And speaking of TV, here's a photo from my appearance last week on Coffee Break...
It went so well that co-host Connie Martinson is pushing up my date to appear on her solo show, Connie Martinson Talks Books. She asks great questions so I can't wait to talk with her again.

In other non-news, I am still impatiently waiting for my AP feature article to break. It was supposed to hit several weeks ago (the week of the fires which would have obviously buried it), and then the very nice writer of said article kindly called me last Monday and said it should come out that week, but alas, it did not. I am really looking forward to the article because I really enjoyed the (longform) interview, and of course, because it will hopefully get blasted all over the world and lead to more opportunities to talk about the wonderful musicians in my book.

Which brings me to one more thing I have recently let slide. If you ordered the book from my website I have been meaning to send you a thank you email, along with a small request...which also goes out to anyone who has had the opportunity to read the book...please go online to and write a customer review. I hope your are enjoying the book and I promise to get that thank you email out to everyone asap. Sorry for my tardiness.

Must sleep now...thanks for reading

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Coffee Break

Okay, this is small but just in case you live in the Los Angeles area, I will be a guest on Coffee Break with Connie Martinson tomorrow (Wed 11/28) at 2pm. It runs live on LA36 and Santa Monica CityTV channel 16.

So, if you can...tune in and take a coffee break with me.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Love Me or Hate Me...

Monday night (November 26) at 7pm (I think for a whole hour) I'm going to be on .

If you click to that website I think it will actually tell you what time it's on live in your neighborhood. This could turn out to be very cool...because you can tune in no matter what planet you live on. That's right folks, it's internet radio.

And even can call in and we can talk. The call-in number is (646) 478-5041. I think that's a New York number so I can only assume you get to pay for the call.

So love me or hate me I hope you'll call in. Ask me whatever you want and I'll tell you what you want to hear. I won't. I speak the troof. Can you handle the troof?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where To Shop - Additions

How could I forget Canada? Duh me.

You can purchase my lovely book at Chapters bookstores.

It's also available in Vancouver at The Oh My Godard Gallery, 972 Granville St. where you can also view and purchase original prints from the book.

And online...


Amazon: $35.64 (Grab this deal...they screwed up the retail price. I'm sure that price will go up as soon as my Canadian distributor figures out the faux pas.)

Chapters: $43.85

In addition to forgetting Canada (duh again) we also found it in...

South Africa: R435.00

Happy reading!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Show

The opening show for Everybody I Shot Is Dead took place at the Oh My Godard Gallery (972 Granville St.) in Vancouver on November 3rd and will continue until November 30th. If you live anywhere near Vancouver or have plans to be in the area in the next couple of weeks, I hope you'll stop in and check out the show, buy a book, a t-shirt and/or a print to hang on your wall.

Here's the opening in pictures, since a picture is worth a thousand words. I apologize in advance for the ridiculous number of photos that include me...feel free to just look at all the cool people who were kind enough to pose with me...

The gallery from the street a night or two later, long after closing.

People actually showed up to look at my pictures...or maybe they came for the wine.

Lin, Christa and Tony. Lin came on the invitation of Marc Reagan - he lives in NJ and couldn't make the show. Marc and Lin are huge Marc Bolan fans and have been involved in organizations and promote events that keep Marc Bolan's memory alive.
Rock on!

Meet Helene and Sam. They came after hearing portions of my interview on Rock 101, even though they were supposed to be somewhere else. Thankfully, they had a good time...especially having their picture taken by Ellie Gibbins under a photograph of her husband, Badfinger drummer Mike Gibbins.

I caught this picture of Ellie taking a picture of me.

Dave and Vanice were invited by my sister. They drove all the way up from Northern California to share in the festivities. How cool is that?

My hero - who also happens to be an amazing photographer - standing next to FZ.

Ellie came all the way from Florida on her motorcycle.
What can I say? She's hardcore and I'm honored to call her my friend.

My friends, Mark and Carla, who flew up to Vancouver from L.A. because they're awesome. BTW, I'm not as short as I look standing next to Mark...I'm a little over 5'8" so he must be 7'.

Tyler, me and Ellie.

Meet Kalaya Point and Andrew Eggleton. They came over from Victoria (that requires a ferry ride, thank you very much). If I'm not mistaken, they were also inspired from hearing portions of my interview on Rock 101.

Ellie dragged this unsuspecting couple off the street and held them hostage. They were on a weekend get-away from Portland and had no idea what they were getting themselves into. After Ellie finished talking their ears off, I had a go at them. They were really cool people. They left with the promise that they would order a book when they got home. We said our goodbyes. Twenty minutes later, they were back...buying a book for Heather's dad, Mike. (Hi Mike, I hope you like the book!) After they bought the book I told them they had to come to every future show. Can't wait to let them know we have an opening in Siberia.

This is the Godard Gallery gang. The girls on the end (Paige and Kelly) own the joint. Jeff (next to Kelly) hung the show. The guys on either side of me were very cool - they are correctional officers and were manning the door. That's King in front...the one with the glowing eyes. He's a real dog...obviously with a few super-powers I didn't know about.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where To Shop

It has come to my attention that Everybody I Shot Is Dead is now available in some foreign countries. I have no idea where they are getting the books. I can only assume it is through one of our wholesalers or distributors.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know your shopping options for purchasing the book, including who's selling it, where and for how much. This is information we gathered off the internet. Please realize that this information is ever-changing (especially the prices), for example, last week was selling the book for $37.80 and now it's $43.80.

And, of course, not on the list is our website...where we guarantee same/next day shipping (because we definitely have the book in stock), with free US shipping and discounts on worldwide shipping. Plus all books purchased from are me (hopefully that doesn't devalue the purchase).

While we are providing this list as a public service, we also ask that you please support and shop at your local bookstores. If your local bookstore is not currently carrying Everybody I Shot Is Dead, please ask them to order it through Ingram Books (they have it in stock) or Baker & Taylor (they order from us as they receive orders).

Okay, without further ado, here are the online options for Everybody I Shot Is Dead:

United Kingdom:

Amazon: £25.62

Blackwell: £29.40

Langton Info Services: $88.79


Saxo: EUR 52,99

China: 1890 yuan


Book Plus: 66,50 euroa


Minu Raamat: 795 EEK

USA: $35.64 $35.91

A1 Books: $36.74

Pardoxal Press: $38.18 $40.26 $42.12

Alibris: $42.54 $43.07

Barnes & Noble: $43.20 (member price) $43.80

TextbooksRus: $43.25

Best $46.40

School Fund Store:$50.40 $51.00

Through The Magic Door: $60.00

Powell's Books: $60.00

Monday, November 12, 2007

Me and Mark Isler

I'm taking a moment to interrupt my road trip/show opening posts with my visit on the Mark Isler Show on KABC Talk Radio, Saturday October 20, 2007. Seems like a year ago.

My apologies for so many files. I probably could have edited it down but a) I don't particularly like listening to myself, and b) it was my first in-studio radio interview and I had a blast. Which is really a reason to burden you with my good time, but I will.

Originally I had an 11:30 pm slot for a half hour interview but I arrived early and they invited me into the studio early and ended up putting me on the air early and then we were having such a good time they invited me to stay for the whole show. Sheesh, I thought I was having a deja vu but alas, I already posted about my Mark Isler visit , complete with pictures. Hey, if you look at the pictures while you listen to the interview segments it'll be like you were there...

Mark Isler Show Part1

Mark Isler Show Part2

Mark Isler Show Part3

Mark Isler Show Part4

Mark Isler Show Part5

Mark Isler Show Part6

Mark Isler Show Part7

Mark Isler Show Part8

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taking The Show On The Road Three

Friday, November 2nd, the day before the opening... I don't remember exactly how the day started. With the arrival of relatives and friends - some people I hadn't seen in years - my perception of what happened when was getting a bit the weather.

And I still had things to do...such as getting the music together for the opening. But that could wait. I wanted to take some time out to show Ellie the city where I shot Badfinger, right after I dropped one more print off for framing. And that's when it happened. We were driving away from the framers when I suddenly thought I heard part of the title of my book...on the radio. I grabbed at the volume knob...yes...the DJ was talking about the book. Then a segment of my interview came streaming through the air.

"Hey, my song's on the radio." Well, okay, it wasn't my song but I can only guess the feeling was the same as a band hearing a song on the radio for the first time. The segment was followed by a song and then another bit from the interview, a mention of the show and then another song. Very cool. Thank you, Robin Larose! (the DJ that interviewed me and did a great job assembling my blabber so I didn't suck on the radio)

Then the mini tour started. I found out that Ellie had an aversion to heights when she walked into her 10th floor room and had a problem walking out on the balcony. As we drove across downtown toward Stanley Park, she told me all heights were a problem...including bridges. Imagine how she felt as I took this picture (and others) while I was maneuvering the rental car across the Lions Gate Bridge. Yup, I can be evil, even to my friends.

We did a quick tour of the North Shore, up the side of the mountain so Ellie could get some pictures of the amazing view. I drove her by my friend Gary Switlo's house which is a historic landmark (he's one of the people I dedicated the book to, so you can learn more about him there). We ran into Tyler - he had hit the North Shore to show his girlfriend where he went to school in the third grade and his very own secret forest where he used to play. they let us know they heard a promo about the show on the radio while they were looking at cameras in a local pawnshop. Nice.

We took the Second Narrows Bridge back to Vancouver proper, which gave us the opportunity to stop at the PNE grounds...where many of the concerts I shot took place. On my way up to Vancouver I had already decided that I wanted to stop and take photos of the places I shot back in the day. I was really happy that the stop happened with Ellie. We parked in the lot next to the Coliseum, where I shot everybody from John Denver to Led Zeppelin. We got out of the car to take pictures...
That big grey roll-up door is the very same spot where I exited the building after the Led Zeppelin a limo...sitting next to a half-naked...Robert Plant! (you can read more about it in the book).

After taking this picture we decided to walk around the building. I was looking for the Gardens where I shot Badfinger, 'cause I wanted Ellie to see where her husband played... wishing he was still around and could have come to Vancouver with Ellie to honor Pete Ham and Tom Evans, instead of Ellie coming alone.

By the time we made it halfway around the building we were both complaining about the bitter cold. Okay, maybe it wasn't all that "bitter" but it felt bitter to us, probably because we were under-dressed. Our trek was rewarded with this next building...
...the Agrodome...where I shot Frank Zappa.

I knew the Gardens was around there someplace but I couldn't remember exactly where it was in relationship to the Coliseum and the Agrodome so we mutually decided to round the Coliseum and head back to the warmth of the car. In looking at an online map of the park, turns out we were only a few hundred yards from the Gardens and drove right by it. Figures.

We headed back toward our downtown hotel with a quick touristy detour through Gastown...
and that's when Ellie espied this pub...

...where we couldn't resist stopping in for a half-pint...
...and then decided to have lunch, since I hadn't even had breakfast. We shared a scrump-de-le-icious order of fish & chips that came with a very yummy curry sauce dip for the chips. Look how at home and happy Ellie is in the pub. Guess that's what happens after many years of marriage to a Welshman. After we had the fish & chips a server walked by us with a pot pie order that looked so good we were tempted to stay for dinner.

But alas, there were more relatives arriving and we had to make our way back to the hotel. The late arrivals also managed to get the deluxe rooms on the 27th floor. One of their rooms was on the front of the hotel with an incredible view. So incredible, in fact, that I fetched Ellie from the tenth floor to check it out. Here are the pictures I took...

Off the balcony, looking left.

Panning right.

Looking straight ahead...the ships in the bay.

Closer on the ships.

Looking right.
Impressive, no?

So, I made Ellie check out the view from inside the room and I took these same pictures with her camera from the balcony. Truth be told, I actually was not all that comfortable on the balcony. I had my own struggle with vertigo.

And finally, from inside the my very favorite relative, Zach...

Behind Zach is my sister, Pam and brother-in-law, Pat who all arrived from Vancouver Island. The guy on the floor who you can't see is Zach's dad, Steve. He's currently a gimp, after knee surgery to retrieve his knee cap that was shoved halfway up his thigh in a soccer game.

Wait, I can't leave you with the visual of Steve's kneecap in his thigh, so here's the night time view from my balcony on the low-rent 10th floor...

Coming from the opening...maybe.