Monday, November 12, 2007

Me and Mark Isler

I'm taking a moment to interrupt my road trip/show opening posts with my visit on the Mark Isler Show on KABC Talk Radio, Saturday October 20, 2007. Seems like a year ago.

My apologies for so many files. I probably could have edited it down but a) I don't particularly like listening to myself, and b) it was my first in-studio radio interview and I had a blast. Which is really a reason to burden you with my good time, but I will.

Originally I had an 11:30 pm slot for a half hour interview but I arrived early and they invited me into the studio early and ended up putting me on the air early and then we were having such a good time they invited me to stay for the whole show. Sheesh, I thought I was having a deja vu but alas, I already posted about my Mark Isler visit , complete with pictures. Hey, if you look at the pictures while you listen to the interview segments it'll be like you were there...

Mark Isler Show Part1

Mark Isler Show Part2

Mark Isler Show Part3

Mark Isler Show Part4

Mark Isler Show Part5

Mark Isler Show Part6

Mark Isler Show Part7

Mark Isler Show Part8

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