Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where To Shop

It has come to my attention that Everybody I Shot Is Dead is now available in some foreign countries. I have no idea where they are getting the books. I can only assume it is through one of our wholesalers or distributors.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know your shopping options for purchasing the book, including who's selling it, where and for how much. This is information we gathered off the internet. Please realize that this information is ever-changing (especially the prices), for example, last week amazon.com was selling the book for $37.80 and now it's $43.80.

And, of course, not on the list is our website...where we guarantee same/next day shipping (because we definitely have the book in stock), with free US shipping and discounts on worldwide shipping. Plus all books purchased from are signed...by me (hopefully that doesn't devalue the purchase).

While we are providing this list as a public service, we also ask that you please support and shop at your local bookstores. If your local bookstore is not currently carrying Everybody I Shot Is Dead, please ask them to order it through Ingram Books (they have it in stock) or Baker & Taylor (they order from us as they receive orders).

Okay, without further ado, here are the online options for Everybody I Shot Is Dead:

United Kingdom:

Amazon: £25.62

Blackwell: £29.40

Langton Info Services: $88.79


Saxo: EUR 52,99


Books.com.tw: 1890 yuan


Book Plus: 66,50 euroa


Minu Raamat: 795 EEK


Buy.com: $35.64

Tower.com: $35.91

A1 Books: $36.74

Pardoxal Press: $38.18

Half.com: $40.26

eCampus.com: $42.12

Alibris: $42.54

Jepago.com: $43.07

Barnes & Noble: $43.20 (member price)

Amazon.com: $43.80

TextbooksRus: $43.25

Best Prices.com: $46.40

School Fund Store:$50.40

Biblio.com: $51.00

Through The Magic Door: $60.00

Powell's Books: $60.00


R[w]C said...

No love for us Canadians eh? hah go figure ;)..

I'll be ordering my SIGNED copy soon... but I expect more than just a signature Ms. Deborah!

Chesher Cat said...

Oops, we totally forgot to check google.ca.

I feel like a traitor.

Look for the update on that tomorrow.