Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mark Isler's Show

Just got home from a delightful stint on the on KABC Talk Radio in Los Angeles. I've done several radio interviews for the book, but this was the first one I got to do in-studio. It was also the first one where people could call in. And, I loved it. It was fun to wear the headphones and talk into a microphone. So much fun, in fact... maybe I should look into getting a radio show.

Originally I was booked for an 11:30 slot but producer Richard Sherman invited me to hang out in the studio as soon as I arrived. So, I think they ended up putting me on the air shortly after 11pm. There was another author/publisher, , booked for around midnight but Mark and Richard graciously asked me to stay on. I accepted their invitation to hang out and ended up staying through the whole show...until 1am...and had a great time. The show was very casual and felt as if we were sitting in a living having a great conversation... with the callers chiming in from the other room.

So, my heartfelt thanks to Mark Isler and Richard Sherman for having me on the show... to Marc Ramsey who greeted me at reception and let me wave at him through the window while he screened the calls... to Chester who manned the board and to Jeanine for letting me hang around through her segment. Oh, and thanks to all the listeners and especially those who took the time to call in.

I will be getting a copy of the show and will post here. In the meantime, here's a few photos:

Mark Isler.
That's my microphone in front and my book to the right.

Producer, Richard Sherman.

Mark. Me. Richard.

Marc Ramsey behind the window, screening calls.

Chester the engineer.
If we got married and he took my last name he'd be Chester Chesher.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

How cool is that!!

Anonymous said...

Mark Isler is back on the radio at KRLA 870AM Saturdays 9-11pm. I'm sure he'd love it if you spread the word and call in at 866-870-5752.