Sunday, October 07, 2007

Joan Quinn Profiles...Me

Wednesday, October 3rd I did my first (of what I hope will be many) television interview. The show is Joan Quinn Profiles that runs nationally, I believe on public access cable stations. My segment will air toward the end of this month or early in November - more on that when they let me know.

On Wednesday, they taped two shows, each with two guests getting 15 minutes each. But I not only had my fifteen minutes of fame, I was on all four a way. Prior to the taping, Joan asked me to bring a couple of 16x20 prints to have on the set. Initially, I thought she just meant for my segment...but no. We had Dennis Wilson smack in the middle of Joan and her guests on the first show, which included Shannon Tweed (former Playmate/actress/wife of Kiss' Gene Simmons, who btw I turned down which puts me in the smallest portion of the female population who met him) and Martin Bedoian, artistic director of The Syzygy Theatre Group.

Joan Quinn and Martin Bedoian with Dennis Wilson

Joan Quinn with Frank Zappa while interviewing Parisian jewelry designer, Patrick Mauboussin

Joan Quinn, Patrick Mauboussin and me

Joan Quinn and me...yes, I actually am an Amazon Woman

I've been told my segment went very well. I dunno. I do know we crammed a lot of talk into the 15 minutes as well as showing 12 photos from the book. Of course, you can be the judge of that when I get the tape copy and put it up here.


Anonymous said...

You look great in the pictures, you are looking younger and younger all the time. I am so excited for you and all the hard work you have dedicated to your career - good for you Deb. Can't wait to see you at the book opening, with Zac in tow he can't wait and of course Steve.

Love Andrea.

Jallad said...

Congratulations-that's awesome

One Wink at a Time said...

This must be terribly exciting for you, I'm excited for you and you're way over there and I'm way over here! ;-)