Monday, October 29, 2007

I've Been Kinda Busy

In a nutshell:

The books arrived and the books went out...long to come...including me operating the forklift.

I did a TV interview at USC...would have told everyone about it but it happened last minute and it was live...but I have a DVD so it will be posted.

Finished up all the prints for the Vancouver opening...the first shipment that was supposed to get to Vancouver on Saturday, didn't...they will finally arrive tomorrow, about seven hours before I arrive handcarrying the rest of the prints. I don't think the framer will be very happy with me.

My email database crashed...I've lost all my emails (sent and received) from the past year, and all my addresses and mailing lists. So, no one will be hearing from me for a while unless they email me first. I don't even have my RSVP lists for the show. Waiting for a special program that will at least retrieve the received emails.

I bought Leopard and did an erase and install on my hard drive. I had to reinstall all my software. That took half of Saturday and half of Sunday. Fun...not.

Finally finished up all the graphics work I had for the AFM (American Film Market) which starts on Wednesday. If anything goes wrong I won't be here to deal with it. Oops. I'm also missing my favorite party of the year...they do tarot card readings and poker tables as part of the entertainment. Last year the reader told me I'd have a big project coming out this Fall that would change everything I do from that (this) point forward. At the time I had no plans of having the book ready for this Fall and the dude (or was it a dudette?) didn't know me from Adam. (In case you don't know, the reader was right and I'm very excited about my future plans.)

I'm hoping to have a day or two to semi-chill in Vancouver before the show opening. Is that too much to ask?

Now I have to number and sign another 51 prints for the show, then pack and hopefully get a few hours sleep before I have to leave for the airport at 8:30am.

Everything that has had to do with shipping, travel and communications has been messed lately. A friend of mine told me to make sure I pack some clothes in carry-on. She said Mercury has been in retrograde since October 14th (when my books were initially supposed to hit the port) and will remain there until November 1st. Next time this happens I plan to go to Hawaii one day before and come home one day after. My computer will remain off (those of you who know me are cracking up right now) and I will definitely not ship anything.

I will post from Vancouver every day, beginning tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading.

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