Thursday, December 06, 2007

Road Trip

Dateline: Wednesday, 11:35pm

This is on the wall in my room. What is it? Sure, it's a timer switch. But what's it for? It's on the wall outside the bathroom, but there's no heat light. Weird.

Should I turn it on?

Okay. I will.
Tick, tick, tick. It didn't turn on a light. It didn't turn on the heat. Tick, tick, tick. Shit. It's not doing anything. Just tick, tick, tick. What's going to happen when it runs down? Am I going to blow up? I feel like I'm in an episode of Lost. What if the room blows up?

I'm really, really tired.

I woke up at 5:45am and got on a plane...
It took off from LAX at 7:30am. Over the ocean. Reminding me that I should go to the beach more often.

After two and half hour I saw this...
And this...
Vancouver. I spent the day wrapping up the show and loading what was left into a cargo van. I hit the road at 8:30pm.

It wasn't long before I was out of the city. Everything became dark. The highway narrowed and disappeared into the trees with every turn. A fog danced across the road. Like a Stephen Kind novel. Then by 10:30pm I was here...
Main Street. Yes, that's snow.

Then I found this place...

A man checked me in. He was extremely nice. I paid in cash.

The room is very nice. I got one with internet. I thought that meant there would be an ethernet plug-in. turns out it meant there was a computer in the room. I'd show you a picture but suddenly my photos won't upload. Wonder if it has anything to do with the wall timer. It's almost finished counting down.

Tick, tick, tick....KABOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!


One Wink at a Time said...

That was so not funny Deborah. :-P
So what was the thing for???

Chesher Cat said...

"That was so not funny Deborah. :-P"

Yes it was.

"So what was the thing for???"

I have no idea. It's a Canadian thing.

One Wink at a Time said...

Ok, so maybe the ensuing fire from the explosion would serve to heat the place up...
Still... ;-)