Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Getting back from the 60s in the time machine has proven more difficult than I ever imagined.

I think I'm going to have to make a minor stopover in Switzerland for a full blood replacement transfusion.

Anybody know how long that takes?

I'm supposed to shoot at the House of Blues on Sunset at 9pm tonight. Hoping I can make it back by then. Wait. Maybe I can catch him on the way back when I pass through the 80s.


Deposed Princess said...

I hope your book is a great success! I'm writing to inquire about purchasing the rights to a photo of Papa John Creech. I'm a graphic designer and am looking to give my husband the gift of a TShirt with Papa John's image on it. (This is a one-off, one time only use.)

Thank you,

Chesher Cat said...

Hi G...can you please send me an email so I can contact you? info@cheshercat.com

Eric said...

Hello. Love the photos. I'll order the book when I get some cash saved up.

Did you get to see Fish? I saw him here in Cleveland and his merch guy hooked me up with a photo pass.
The photos are posted at http://www.ericbroz.net/fish.html ... and I just looked and I'm linked from Fish's page, as well. :D

Chesher Cat said...

Great photos, Eric.

I did see and shoot Fish at the HOB in LA. And the following week I shot him at BB King in New York, then a couple of days later at NearFest in Bethlehem, PA.

I'll post about it as soon as I catch up with myself...actually just finished editing those pix.

Re the book: There's a special sales coming soon...stay tuned!