Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Drive-by Shooting

On my way to and from LAX today, I did some drive-by shooting. I instantly knew I found the seed of today's post (the title came later) when I saw this...

The Car + The Guy + The Dog = The Whole Package

Obviously, it's the subject that's the thing in this photo, but I also like the reflections ... the palm tree and top of my car in the window, and especially my whole car in the hubcap. The photo was shot with my iPhone. I took it from the driver's side with the passenger window open. It has not been retouched or cropped.

Neverending Scaffolding

I've lived in L.A. close to a million years now and have probably driven through LAX a couple or three hundred thousand times. I can't remember the last time I saw what used to be this futuristic piece of architecture that doubled as a touristy restaurant without all this scaffolding. This is shot out the open window of the driver's seat, while I was probably going around 25mph, hence the groovy blur. It's not easy to maneuver the iPhone one-handed whilst driving. They should really ban cell phone photography while driving. It at least equals the danger of texting while driving which, in case you don't live in California, was deemed against the law on Jan 1, 2009.


They may look like smoke stacks on a drive-by photo but they are actually towers of light that change color. Again, this is shot out the driver's open window, but I was probably going 35mph by this point. The bend in the verticals is a cool effect that sometimes happens on the iPhone camera when the shooter is moving and the subject is stationary.


I followed this guy for a while and wanted to shoot the reflections of the palm trees in his very clean back window. The double reflection of my headlights on the 'johnny park' signage and his bumper, as well as the left tail light flare were a bonus. This was shot through my front window (good thing I had just cleaned it) and we were at a stop.


Someone didn't recharge their phone. I put it in the charger while the camera was still on. I liked what I saw so I shot it. I you didn't know I have a copyright notice on my dashboard, did ya?

The Color Blue

I shot this earlier in the day... as proof to all the naysayers that the sky in L.A. is actually blue, as opposed to smog brown. No, no, no...don't go boxing up all your belongings. I lied. This is a composite shot using a sky photo from Montana. We can barely breathe here. We're all hooked up to portable ventilators. Don't move here. If you do, you'll surely die.

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Jennifer Brindley said...

::sigh::... makes me miss L.A. and I haven't even been back for a few weeks.

I <3 California. :)