Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Am I Even Here?

Today was complete insanity...not sure I even stopped to breathe. For all I know I may have hit my expiration date. Leading me to ask, "Am I even here?"

Well, just in case the answer is "yes" I wanted to let everyone know that I am continuing to push the latest book deal through to the end of the month. I didn't make my goal of 150 books in 6 days - surprise, surprise - but I want to thank each and everyone of you that picked up a copy. And I was very happy that some of you took the time to write and let me know what you thought...and hope y'all don't mind that I share a few of your responses. I mean, it's always the quotes that sell movies, right?

"Got it-- And it's AMAZING. I'm just turning pages and falling into them, and into your stories. You were in George Harrison's estate? Twice? WOW."
- Pooks

"Got my book and picture today - it's a beautiful piece of work! I'm really enjoying the personalized stories as well as the photos. Gotta love the shot of you and Mike Bloomfield! Thanks for signing it - you rock too!"
- Steve B

"Hey...The book is terrific! In fact I am going to order another one."
- Sue G.

Okay...enough patting myself on the back. Here's the deal that will remain in effect until the end of April. That's 2 more weeks...maybe enough time to hit the 150 mark.

For 40 bucks you get a personalized and signed copy of ...

...AND...an 8.5x11 signed print of Ringo Starr...

That's right, you're paying for the book and the print is FREE...or you're paying for the print and the book is FREE...or you're getting a print and a book for the price of one. However you look at it I think it's a pretty good deal. And it makes a great gift. The print...or the book.

Thanks for putting up with my pitch. I promise I'll treat you to something good tomorrow. Maybe a picture you've never seen. Or a good story. Either way, no sales pitch...just another FREE post...no strings attached.

Gotta get back to work.

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