Monday, June 25, 2007

My Bad

Turns out scanner guy was at his shop yesterday and worked until 4 this morning. He didn't hear the phone when I called because the ringer was turned down and he was wondering why he hadn't heard from me.

So he stopped by this morning with the remainder of the color scans and a bunch of black and whites. I put Marc Bolan's section together since his color shots are the most troublesome for me at the moment and scanner guy will output a proof for me tonight. The Bolan black and whites kick ass. The color shots are great shots, but I have to see how the scans proof to see what adjustments need to be made to the color.

Once I see the Marc Bolan section proofed, I will know what adjustments are needed on the rest of the scans and can move full steam ahead on the rest. (She said, optimistically.) I only have two musicians left to write about and four dedications. Trying to finish them all by end of day tomorrow. May need to pull an all-nighter tonight just to get a grip on the enormous amount of work left to do.

Despite all my complaining, let me say... I am having a great time doing this book. It is incredibly rewarding every single day and I can't wait for people to see it.


R[w]C said...

can't wait to see it either, Deb!! and i'm happy to see you're havin a good time with it, deadlines and all :)

MaryAn Batchellor said...

No word in a few days. Hoping all went well.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks for checking up on me, Maryan.

I have more to post but am kind of swamped. Seems each good day is followed by a problem day and then a good day and so on and so on. Which means today could be potentially bad.

I have a headache...hopefully that will be the extent of it.