Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old School Phtography

I've gone back. Way back. I'm taking a class called Beginning Photography.

Actually, I've never taken a photography class in my life. That's because I'm not counting the color developing class I took a million years ago, which was just learning to print color.

I'm taking this class because I no longer have my own darkroom and I was itching to get in there and sniff some chemicals. As in enjoy the art of developing and printing black and white photographs...not getting high on the chemicals themselves. Although catching the chemical scent on my skin is nice. Eau de Developer with a hint Fixer. Tres bien!

Our first assignment was to shoot a roll for light and shadow and a second roll where light is the subject (that does not mean shooting a light bulb). I was a little confused on using light as the subject because light is always a huge element of any photograph so I'll have to wait for the critique on Thursday to see if I accomplished the task.

Here is the first negative that I printed today for one of my light and shadow shots...

Can't wait to get back in the darkroom tomorrow to print up a bunch more.

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Timo said...

Beautiful shot, could be taken 60 years ago. Has that nostalgia element in it.