Thursday, August 03, 2006

Could This Have Taken Any Longer?

I'm assuming I've alienated all of my readers, especially those who were kind enough to enter my last caption contest, because I haven't been taking care of business. I'm not sure when I launched this particular contest. I can't remember that far back. Oh, wait, these blog entries are dated. I can look it up. Please hold on while I look through the cobwebbed archives..... ..... .....just a few more seconds..... ..... .....I've almost got it..... .....oops, it wasn't in July..... .....June?..... .....nope..... .....aha..... .....there it is, hiding behind George Harrison..... ......sheesh, May 22nd.

I'm ashamed of myself. Apologies all around. I have no excuses. Nor will I make any.

And the good news is...thanks to another awesome panel of independent judges...somebody won the contest.

Drum roll, please....

...and the winner is:
"I'm writing this book called Everybody I Shot Is Dead
and I must say I have a lot of pictures of you. "
by Rumely aka Mark J. from Iowa

2nd Place was a three-way tie:

"Stop laughing -- I'm serious! I just saw egret fly up your nose!"
by Brett N. from Texas

"Excuse me, but you DO realize you're drinking
KC Masterpiece on the rocks, right? Right?"
also by Brett N.from Texas

"That's great, that's great. Just shut up and give me that bottle!"
by Adam Battaglia

3rd place:

"No, seriously -- you have a bottle in your armpit."
by Julie O. from Florida

Thanks to all the fantastic judges who volunteered for this daunting task. I would name them but since they didn't give their permission I can only tell you the judging panel was made up of a professional screenwriter/producer, two previous contest winners, an aspiring screenwriter, a journalist, a produced writer/director and a koala.

It seems a couple of the judges thought they could do better than the contestants - they sent their results back with their own captions. Here's the three they thought were winners:

Ron: "You have gorgeous eyes; anyone ever look high enough to see them?"

She’s kidding, right? I’m not sharing this bottle with anyone.

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor.

Feel free to judge the judges.


Jesse said...

There was a competition?
yes, wait a minute, if I think back far enough...

I just might, *just* remember something. It had something to do with pictures... and, hmm, it was so long ago.

kenny loggins said...

i was just listening to *a nod's as good as a wink*, and thinking how great ron plays on it, and then i remembered your blog which i'd checked out once before, and there's a ron pic in your latest entry...

i would have awarded first prize to julie o.'s caption btw.

Harry Funk said...

I'll vote for the "you have gorgeous eyes" comment. Clever.

Harry Funk said...

Although I still like the reference to the egret.