Monday, August 21, 2006

Time Crunch - Part Deux

I worked on that 1 page thing for a while and then bitched for a while and then worked on it for a while. It's a tricky piece of writing. I didn't want it to be one of those dry know, this happens and then that happens, etc. I wanted it to highlight the main characters, give a sense of the plot and hit the act break beats. But mostly, I wanted it to entice whoever read it to want more. And I finally finished it.

I talked to my person and suggested we shouldn't submit it until Monday. That way I'd have a couple of extra days to hopefully finish the script rewrite. Any screenwriters reading this are probably breaking out in laughter about now. Are you kidding? If you hand it in on Monday, you'll be lucky if you hear back in a month...or ever. Yes, I know that.

Anyway, I waited until Saturday at noon to email the 1 pager to my person. Guess what? My person emailed it on. And by 4PM I get an email back, the subject: Oh, boy... With the message: Just got the request for the first act. Again, I probably shouldn't be writing all this in my blog. Don't want to jinx it. But I'm assuming that I didn't jinx it last time. Maybe blabbing it as it happens might just be the anti-jinx.

So, what next? I polished the first act last night and today. Also, made a litlle progress on the second act. Tonight, I tweaked the first act and sent it off. And now I'm praying they take their time reading the first act because if (I mean when) they want the rest of the script I don't want to say, "sorry, still rewriting."

Stop laughing, Screenwriters. I know it's a slim chance in hell they'll request more. Believe me, I'm not expecting this specific exercise to result in "the sale." Things like this rarely result in "the sale." I'm just grateful for the externally imposed deadline. And I'll be glad to get this rewrite done and add another finished script to my arsenal. I look at this little jaunt as a barometer. The dry run for the next submission. Which, from what I've been told, could be "the sale" that I really want. One can always dream the big dream.

Promise to get to those other posts as soon as I can. Translation: when act 2 and act 3 are on the page to my satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

it won't jinx it and I am happy to read about this... many good lucks... I can't say "break a leg" ebcause you're not a dancer so um, "dirty a lens cap?" or "break a #2 HB pencil"

Systemaddict said...

*fingers crossed*

iloveshoppin said...

gud luk!