Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Work Space

First I have to admit my stupidity. Yesterday was my first day back after 2+ months. It was bad enough that I barely remembered how to sign on but I posted a photograph that I had already posted before. I blame it on my Swiss cheese brain.

Today I am posting a photo that I know I've never posted because I just found in a box of old pictures while attempting to reorganize my work space. Actually it's a move to another room and a weeding out of everything I don't need mucking up my new work space. It all boils down to filing, storing, or my favorite but most difficult...tossing until I have an organized clutter-free neat and tidy space that will allow me to work and create without feeling like I have a ball and chain attached to every limb.

And in that vein I came across this box of slides from a couple of eons ago and found this deliciously adorable picture:

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