Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Austin, Texas - Part 2

I spent the past six days at the Austin Film Festival but since I don't want to turn this into a screenwriting blog I'm not going to talk about it. Unless, of course, it relates to Everybody I Shot is Dead, rock'n'roll, photography or any combination of the three.

That being said, I came up with three posts so far that fit the bill. This is the second in a series of three. I would start with the first but it's more involved than this one and I'm under the gun to get a bunch of movie poster art done and printed by the end of the month. If you could see what I have left to do, you'd say "Good luck with that," then roll on the floor in laughter. But, really, I could use a little sympathy about now.

This Austin Film Festival post falls under the photography category because it's a photograph...duh. Just a quick snapshot - actually the only snapshot - I took at one of the panels. I really like it...the positioning of the panelists, the muted color and even the excessive grain. I like it all. This photograph also belongs under rock'n'roll but I'm not going to tell you why. Sorry. You had to be there.


Brett said...


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Shane Black so I hope he was interesting

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Part 1, Part 1, Part 1!

Anonymous said...

Do rockers love to eat cheesecake?

Do rockers love PHOTOGRAPHS of cheesecake being eaten?

Oh, I think they do. I think they do...