Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've just done six twenty-hour days in a row (after five days of all-out partying and little sleep in Austin) to bring the world (well, at least the American Film Market) tasty artwork for the likes of Storm Cell, While She Was Out, Not My Life and Baberellas, to name a few. Don't look for these movies any time soon in a theater near you.

Anyway, I'm spent. And I always feel like I've taken a karma ding after doing these runs. Advertising. Creating a lie.

Now, I want to get back to the book (it's honest and hopefully of value) and my screenplays (ditto the previous parenthetical) and the other two Austin posts (honest, but probably of little value). But before I can do that I thought I'd try and balance out the karma scales with some pimpage. I'm not pimping crap here, folks. This stuff is of value. No lie.

First, a project done by my most excellent friend, John Miller (with a little help from someone close to me). John is a producer, mostly of reality TV shows. This is a pitch for a new show that will hopefully sell to a network near you. The subject matter is not easy to watch, but definitely deserves our attention. And for my writer friends, it's especially interesting to get a glimpse inside these real-life characters facing difficult times.

And lastly, I want to pimp my teenage son,
, who is obviously a far better photographer than I. Do you think it's odd that the cemetery shot is my favorite?


Unk said...

Lotta talent there!

Watched the videos... I lived up in that direction when Polly was kidnapped... It really hit the area HARD.

Looks like a show that I would actually watch.

Six 20 hour days? Welcome to the club! LOL. Actually, something tells me you've been there MANY times before... LOL.


Systemaddict said...

I like the photos...good kid. Must have fallen from a good tree, so to speak.