Saturday, November 04, 2006

Austin, Texas - Part 1

The Fight

Friday night, check that...Saturday morning, after the Driskill Bar closes. The Gang heads a couple of blocks down 6th Street. In search of pizza.

Shawna and Murray posing. Reece on the left and Jamie in the back.

Reece and Jamie and a close-up of Shawna's slice.

Had to step away from the stand to get this shot of Ann and Brett.

Can't leave Murray by himself for even a minute. I hear a noise, turn around to see this:

That's Murray on the right. The other three are not part of the Gang. At least ours.

It was the guy in the white shirt and the black guy behind him that got into a disagreement and the white shirt guy (correct me if I'm wrong, Murray) threw a punch at the black guy over Murray's shoulder. The guy in the grey shirt and Murray were trying to pull them apart. Murray, the self-professed peacemaker, did not think he touched the guy...until he saw the photo.

Murray tries to calm white shirt guy down...
...white shirt guy responds by beating himself in the head.

Then yellow sleeves shows up out of nowhere and tackles
black guy to the pavement and pummels him.
That's when white shirt guy turns around and decides
he can now kick the shit out of black guy.

Then, the cops - who were already in the streets in droves on foot, bike, horseback and automobile - finally show up. Suddenly, white shirt guy is in the fetal position against the building screaming like a baby and my eyes are burning and I can't breathe. I turn and take off toward Ann and Brett, then realized it was mace.

By the time I get back to the scene of the crime...

...yellow sleeves is being cuffed.

After every good street fight, you have to find some peeps that weren't there and give them the play-by-play:

Jamie gets a shoulder rub from Shawna as he orates his version to Julie O
and screenwriter/panelist Joe Conway. Murray reconsiders his involvement.

Reece tells his version. Murray must have liked it.

More hi-jinx from Awestin to Part 3.


Anonymous said...

Cool to see what I missed, but hearing the story later from the freak chorus was more entertaining than the actual event could've possibly been.


Brett said...

I dunno-- I was laughing pretty hard throughout the actual event.

But I'm not sure I'm a very useful indicator on normal or proper responses to such stuff.

Brett said...

and I love that I somehow managed to match the time stamp on the previous post. Almost.

Weird wild wacky stuff.

Systemaddict said...

haha, ah the memories...




S. A. Petrich said...

Did you sell the pictures to the newspapers for a lot of cash?

Chesher Cat said...

Do they even have newspapers in Austin?

Julie O. said...

Ha! That first comment was mine. No idea why it didn't register as me...

God, that was a fun few days...