Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Awestin - The Final Chapter

Yes, it was a film festival...with a screenwriter's conference, but it felt a little bit like rock'n'roll to me. Like a tour, where you get very close to people very fast. A family is formed, memories are shared, and parting is such sweet sorrow.

And somewhere in there is THE PARTY. Not the party after the show that takes place at a club - although Austin had plenty of those...two per night, all open bars hosted by Bombay Sapphire and Dos Equis. Not the party in the hotel bar - although that was rocking every night 'til, including one night when a pack of clowns passed through. Clowns? Is she kidding? No, there were clowns...and not just the ones I was already hanging out with. Here's the proof:

What is THE PARTY? It's not the party after the show, not the club party and not the hotel bar party. THE PARTY doesn't start until around 2:30AM. After the last call drinks are consumed. Think about it...anybody can go to a show - you just have to buy a's a little more difficult to get backstage but not much - you just have to look good or know how to sneak's more difficult to get into the club party - you have to be on the list or know somebody on the's even more difficult to go to the hotel bar party - there's security at the hotels so you have to know somebody with the band or already a guest at the hotel.

But even more difficult to get into is THE PARTY. If you don't know somebody in the band you better be ready to sleep (no sleeping involved) with somebody in the band because THE PARTY is the one that takes place in the hotel room, with a bathtub full of ice and beer. It's by invitation only. Just because you know about THE PARTY and know what room THE PARTY is in, doesn't guarantee entry. You gotta be somebody to be at THE PARTY.

And, yes, I've been to more than my share of THE PARTY parties. Probably more than I remember...aah, oops, not going there...okay, where was I?

THE PARTY in took place at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel and these were the hosts:

Brett and Murray aka Drunk and Drunker

And since a picture's worth a thousand words, I'll shut up:

Julie, Jamie, Reece (only time without a hat) and Me in the middle.

Caroline came all the way from England to put her foot behind her head.

Ann and Jill (winner of the Teleplay Drama Award).

Jamie and Shawna...Reece and Julie
Can someone explain where Julie's left hand is and why Reece has that 'look' on his face?

THE PARTY always has a room service call.

Mr. Room Service breaks out in song & dance.

"Why the fuck do you keep taking pictures of me eating?"

After dinner...dessert.

Jill and the very married Murray.

I was looking for a Barry Pepper pose from Reece.

Shawna sings Etta James. Reece's foot as her microphone.

Much time was spent discussing Jamie's claim of an extra bone in his foot.

Julie's version of 'bust'a cap'.

Jamie and Reece partake in a little man-love.

"It was good for me. Was it good for you?"

The real Brett we know and love.

Jamie gives tongue. Ann licks it.

Shawna has a point.

"It's 6:30 in the Goddamn morning. Get out of our room!"

There was one other major rock'n'roll incident that happened at THE PARTY. And I have pictures. But I promised not to post them. And I promised not to tell. There's always a secret that comes out of THE PARTY. A secret only those on the inside know. And so it shall remain.

See y'all next year.


Brett said...

I deny everything.

Including this denial.

Caz said...

I knew that damn picture would resurface somewhere down the line...

Caroline (still looking for her leg)