Monday, May 07, 2007

I Cannes

Been MIA for a while due to doubling my workload with a bunch of movie posters I had to do for Cannes. Finished today, other than a couple of deliveries and some invoicing (my favorite part).

I've also been without cable/internet for the past three days due to a tree falling on the main line. I really didn't realize how dependent I am on the internet. I was going back and forth to Starbucks at least five times a day. And it put us behind on fulfilling orders from the online store. So, if you're waiting to receive something and think we stole your worries...your order will definitely be shipping tomorrow. Really sorry for the delay. It's been a real learning curve putting a store online and figuring out how our mini assembly line needs to work. I'm hoping all the kinks are finally worked out.

And now I'm really on the line to finish Everybody I Shot Is Dead - 23 days and counting...ack.

Gotta go.

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