Tuesday, May 29, 2007


...is exactly how many hours of sleep I've had since I got up at 8:30am on Monday after sleeping for three and a half hours Sunday night.

Actually, I don't feel too bad, all things considered. Printing all the pages for the book was an arduous process. By yesterday afternoon I realized how long the process takes and if I didn't work on it through the night I wouldn't have finished. I kept slugging away at it and every time I counted how many I had left to go it seemed like there were close to one hundred pages.

I also had to trim every page by hand. This is what my office floor looked like when I was done:

The mock-up is all done and bound now. Full size. I can flip through the pages and it looks just like a book. And the best part is that all the different sections flow together. I was worried about that.

Just waiting for a load of laundry to dry, then I'm going to finish packing, go to sleep, get up first thing in the morning and board a plane to New York. I'm looking forward to seeing what the book industry thinks of the book.

I'm going to try and travelblog as the trip unfolds.

Night, night...

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Peg said...

Way to go, Deborah!!