Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Michael, Paul and Son

Now that Terry Kath has quieted down, Michael Bloomfield stepped up, asking, "Did you forget about me?" No, Michael. You will always be my number one favorite guitar player.

This is very cool footage from the Newport Folk Festival documentary. Great music with Paul Butterfield and Son House, and some interview clips that will give you a true glimpse into the sweetness that is Michael Bloomfield.


Peg said...

Aside from the Monterey Pop Festival, this is my FAVORITE DVD!! If you don't have it, GET IT! The clarity is superb! This was an award-winning film and rightfully so!

I'm with you, Deborah! Michael Bloomfield is the FINEST guitar player I've ever heard!! I love him dearly!

Dave Widow said...

It sure is great to see and hear some Bloomfield stuff....i was a partner and bandmate of the late Roger"Jellyroll" Troy, Bassist/Singer from the Flag Reunion album & forwards. I am going to have to pick this book up when I get a little extra cash...Looks like some cool material!! P.S. "Try It Before You Buy it" was Roger's favorite Michael Bloomfield record(not sure if that one is still in print)