Friday, July 06, 2007

Greetings From Scanner Dude's Office

It's after 1:30am and I've been here since 5pm. I guess I can update where I'm at, since everybody's guess - all three :( of them - but Timo's has past and we're not done.

We have 8 scans left to redo for one reason or another and Scanner Dude has yet to give me all the new color ones that he's still balancing. So I have three musicians that need all their photos placed in the Quark documents, plus 6 that have a missing scan or two.

I'm guessing that's less than a day's work for me, but I still have to finish writing Terry Kath (the last one!!) and rewrite that other one. And I have to do the mechanical for the cover.

We've been running the proofs as we go along, and of course I'm finding minor changes to make in those before we run the final set for the printers.

I think I'll make might flight reservation right now. For Sunday night. So, I'll be at the printers NoCal office first thing Monday morning.

I need sleep.


pEG said...

Thanks for the update, Deborah. Hang in there! It'll all be worth it soon......

timo said...

You´ve really been busy lately and it´s great to hear that you´re getting things finished.
...about the contest, does this mean what I think it means? Anyway, have a nice flight and hope everything goes smoothly at the printers.

Brett said...

I think you're screwing around and delaying on purpose, just to deny me my comped copy of your book.

You're evil.

Wrap it up, already! ;-)