Monday, July 23, 2007

My Lack of Posting

Sometimes I can in a headspace where I can't motivate myself to post. Or do much of anything for that matter. I have been working, although not at the pace I was and not accomplishing as much as I should. I have a stockpile of stuff to catch up on...such as the bleekness that is my accounting. (I still haven't filed my '06 taxes) I managed to reconcile the past three months of two bank accounts and two credit cards in the past two days.

The Amazon account for selling the book is set up. I just can't list the book until after Wednesday when my discount offer is over because they can't see that I have sold the book at that much of a discount. Same with some of my other distributors. SO IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUY THE BOOK EVER, DO IT BY WEDNESDAY. Or wait and buy it on Thursday when the price goes up so I can make more money. Yes, do that. Wait. Procrastinate. Buy it at full price.

Thanks to all of the people who have ordered. And those of you who have become friends of my MySpace. I'm closing in on 1050 friends and expect to have at least ten thousand by the end of August. I've met some interesting people who have taken the time to get in touch. It's funny how I have more virtual friends (people I communicate with on a regular basis that I've never met in person) than I do in-person friends. Wait a second. Forget I said that. I don't think I like how that reflects on me as a person.

The good news for those of you picking up the book from my website, I'm expecting you will receive your copies at least a week or two before they make it to the bookstore. I'll explain the reasoning behind that in the next day or two when I'll have some other breaking news.

Oh, did I mention the proofs will be in my hot little hands in the morning? Tuesday by 10:30am via FedX - so I'll be busy mining for typos and making sure the color is perfect and the pictures look perfect before I send in the changes and sign off for the printing.

Better get some sleep so I can focus on those pages.

Thanks for hanging in with me. I'll try and get back into the posting groove...just a few more credit card accounts to reconcile.

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