Sunday, July 08, 2007

More Greetings...

...this time from Bob hope Airport.

Yes, I am waiting for an airplane.

I've been awake for at least 36 hours. So has Scanner Dude. We spent the night at his studio working our asses off trying to finish the book.

It's all a blur to me now.

But it's done.

For the most part.

We did 4/color proofs for every single page. Some of them for a second time. Scanner Dude really went beyond The Call. Or else he just wanted to get it over with and get rid of me.

Just kidding... I sat partially behind him putting scans into pages while he was color correcting some of the brattier scans. I could see what he was doing. He spent a lot of time on color balancing, working really hard to get them just right. There were several times when I wanted to blurt out, "It looks great! Time to move on." But he kept at it until he was happy with it. Then he was running the proofer and if he didn't like the out put, he'd do it again. He takes a lot of pride in his work but I've never seen him work this hard on anything before.

Lucky me.

So, I'm still going to go through all the proofs and check every little thing. Fix any straggling typos I find, etc. I should probably get some sleep first but I'm pretty much out of time. I didn't finish the "Acknowledgment" page, but proofed it anyway, just with a couple of names on it.

I almost finished the cover but didn't have time to downsize the 48 pictures I'm putting on it. I left before Scanner Dude proofed it and he was going to drive the leftovers over to my house. Then I got the call. The document wouldn't open. Seems I overloaded it with 5 gigs of pictures. So, I have to decrease the sizes when I get there and hopelly get an output there.

Wow. People are lining up to board the plane. Guess I better wrap this up.

I will continue once I'm there, unless I pass out. Then, it will be tomorrow.

Get ready... things are really going to start cooking now.


pEG said...

No news since Sunday. Hopefully you're sleeping!

Chesher Cat said...

Unfortunately not.

Still making one last pass on all the pages.

Will update later today or tomorrow.