Friday, August 10, 2007


I've been kind of busy lately. I keep meaning to post here every day and then I bomb out because I get caught up in the work of the day or become paralyzed realizing the number of things I need to get done. I will try to do better on all counts.

The news of the day is that the book is completely proofed. The corrections I sent in a week or so ago came back with everything perfect except for three small fixes. Including one typo that I had fixed in the last round - a sentence that said "He was also played on..." - where instead of deleting the word "was," I deleted "also." Oops. That along with the other two quick fixes were approved today (or was it yesterday?) and everything is now in the hands of the printers.

I will see and approve the blueline - that's a copy of the book that looks like a blueprint, all put together so I can be sure it's all in the correct order and everything shows up on the page - on August 16th. Once that's done the press will be fired up and the beautiful fresh virgin pages of paper shall receive their cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks...finally bringing the musicians to life.

The advance copies will be express shipped to me around the 26th of September. The same day the bulk of the books are trucked over to a dock to be loaded on a boat. That shipment should arrive mid-October and the pre-orders will be immediately packed and shipped out. Yay!!

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