Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Twilight Zone

I was about to sit down to write an important post tonight when I decided I was thirsty. Remembering that I had left a bottle of water in my car, I picked up my keys and headed to the front door. My son had been here with his girlfriend and left maybe ten before to get camera batteries at the drugstore.

I approach the door and notice a patch of red through frosted yellow-tinted window slats of the front door. I figure my son must have taken something out of his girlfriend's car and left it there to pick up when he got back. No problem. Without hesitation, I open the door and bam... this is what I see...

It's back. WTF...how did it appear again? I know it wasn't there when my son left. And not even ten minutes had passed. I saw nothing and heard nothing. The dog didn't bark and he can hear people approach long before they arrive at the door. But suddenly the shopping cart was mysteriously back on my porch, even though my son had moved it to the corner of our street last night.

Okay, like you , I'm figuring my son is behind this prank. About five minutes later I hear his girlfriend's car pull into the driveway. This time the dog barks. Why didn't he bark when the shopping cart made its way up the two steps and back on to the porch. It's a heavy-duty shopping cart and should have made a lot of noise when it was pushed up the driveway.

I walk outside to greet the kids. When it comes to my son I have an amazing built-in bullshit detector. I confront him about the cart as soon as they emerge from the car. I know if he pulled the prank he would cop to it because there is just no way he could hold back his laughter. I get no reaction other than his surprise that the cart is back. Nothing. Straight-faced, he has no idea how it got back on the porch. I believe him.

This is getting a little creepy. I think it's time to install video surveillance cameras.


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