Wednesday, February 27, 2008

London calling...

And I'm heeding the call.

For 12 whole days in April.

Haven't been there since the early '90s. Wow. That's just criminal, isn't it?

Three of those days I need to be at the London Book Fair in Earls Court but the other nine days are completely mine.

Since it's been such a long time I need lots of info and sage guidance...

I'm looking for a cool place to stay that won't break my little piggy bank. Hopefully a place that has internet access. I've heard hotels charge for the internet - if they even have it - for around $22/day. That's like a freaking drug habit. Which is kinda what the internet is, donchya think? And I'm a junkie, so I need access. But I can't pay $22/day for my fix.

In addition to a roof over my head, I'm also looking for cool things to do, cool places to go and cool people to meet. Any suggestions?

And what about a cell phone? My Sprint phone doesn't get service in the UK. How easy is it and how much does it cost to rent a phone over there? Or should I just make my move to an iPhone right now?

Anybody want to throw a book party? I'll bring the books.

If you have suggestions feel free to leave a public comment or shoot me a private-type email to I'm looking forward to your ideas.

Hey, this used to be my national anthem too.

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wcmartell said...

I have no hotel advice, because the film fest always pays for that, but internet....

Last time I was there, I found some coffee house (may have been Cafe Nero chain) that had an internet provider that was cheap...

But usually in London I end up in an Easy Internet place and use their grungy computers (hand sanitizer is required). It's on a sliding scale by demand, but at off peak hours you can usually get a full hour for 2 pounds - which is a zillion times cheaper than the Kinkos down the street from you in the USA.

- Bill