Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Out of Control

Yes I am.

First, my apologies to Malcolm Roberts for missing his birthday yesterday. He would have been 64.
Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Roberts!

Seriously, things are a little out of control. I'm feeling discombobulated. That's a word, right? The Beatle Fest...oops, scratch that...the Fest for Beatle Fans was three full days of mayhem. Mostly, in a good way. But I haven't had a minute to spare since I blogged last Thursday. So, I'm going to try and catch up in a chronological fashion.

One problem is I can't access the internet where I'm staying. There is internet but it just doesn't work on my computer. So, other than quick stuff I can do from my ultra cool thank-god-I-bought-it new iphone, I have to hoof it three blocks to the local Starfucks. I'm calling it that because they insist on keeping the temperature at 40 below zero. My fingers are beginning to ice over an get stuck on the keyboard. It's near t-shirt weather in New York today but I am huddled over this tiny round table wearing a long sleeve sweater covered with a hoody wrapped in a coat...and still needing to blow what's left of my hot air on my hands every third word.

I guess I last left you on Thursday morning. Thursday...what happened on Thursday? As I recall, it went by really fast. Time to check my food pictures. Wait, I remember. I worked on some stuff at Starbucks in the morning and at 1pm Tyler and I went down to budget to pick up an SUV. I forgot to take a photo of the SUV. Then we went to Staples to pick up a printer to use at the Fest. After that I think Tyler went to class and I hung out at the apartment - working - until he got back and we picked up a quick dinner...

...(please don't judge me by the horrible food I'm eating on the road) before we had to head way downtown for my radio interview.

More on that in my next post, but here's the teaser...this is what greeted me when I walked in the door:

This should be fun.

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