Monday, August 04, 2008

More Mo and Me

For those of you outside of SoCal, here's my interview that aired on NBC on Saturday. Since I haven't watched it - I love doing interviews, I don't love seeing myself having done them - I'm counting on you to give me some feedback.

I've received a bunch of emails about it. One person liked the bar they put over Maurice Gibb's engorged private part. Someone else liked that I stripped Mo half-naked. Hey, people, what's with all the positive feedback on the sexual content? That's almost enough to make me watch it! Another person felt I may have over-sanctified Frank Zappa - is that even possible?

Someone even said, "What a lovely, perfect interview!!!" BUT, then there was Cucumber Rob...he wrote:
"its OK - maybe thats where you should be pitching your John Bonham type cuts . .
ps dunno who watches these sort of things ?"
(Please feel free to answer that question for the poor Brit)

With friends like that... Anyway, I'd love to hear your comments and feel free to have some fun with it.

Is there anywhere in the interview where you see me taking pictures? Yes, I was shooting them while they were shooting me. Here's a few of the shots I shot.

I had a blast doing this interview. Mo was really well prepared - he asked great questions because he actually read my book (notice the multitudes of post-its and what you probably don't see in the interviews is his legal pad with pages of notes and questions). So, thank you Mo - not only are you loads of fun, you are a consummate professional. And you let me take your shirt off. Also, thanks to producer Lisa Lucas for all you did and do. And the crew who were also great. And to my friend and brilliant photographer Randee St. Nicholas for letting me use her gorgeous studio. And last but nowhere near least, Harlan Boll for getting me booked on First Look LA. Oh, and to all the readers who take time out of there day to stop by and read my drivel. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you.

Sheesh, I sound like I just got an Oscar® (good practice for '10 or '11, depending on post). Cue the music...I'm done.

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Harry Simpson said...

Great interview. Refreshing that you aren't the Type A LA photog stereotype. If you ever need to do any shoots in Nashville Karan and I just opened a studio (4000 sqft) called Mimosa Arts in downtown Nashville.