Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Real Estate

Wherever I travel, I always imagine what it would be like to live there. Last week I spent several days in the Bay area. It's really expensive to live there. Maybe because of the great views.

I've always been drawn to Marin. Michael Bloomfield lived in Mill Valley. I drove around Mill Valley on Saturday and then stopped at the Swedish bakery (yummy) in Tiburon.

Up the road from Tiburon is Larkspur. You can buy a 1-bedroom condo for half a million:
Or, a 3-bedroom house for 1.5 million:Out of your price range?
A little further down the road, you can have this view for free:
This manse on the hill could be yours:
Overlooking the bay:
Did I mention it's a gated community?


Dave Olden said...

An aspiring San Fransiscan, driven to desperation after soaring real estate prices, commits a crime for the ultimate view...

You're a genius.

Scott the Reader said...

I lived in Tiburon when I was an infant, and went back to visit the old hovel a couple of years ago. Wasn't impressed, though Tiburon itself was nice.

Harry Funk said...

You Californians would love the real estate prices in Pittsburgh!