Friday, June 16, 2006

What's In The Box?

Additional garage cleaning turned up this box. (Side note: that hasn't been my address or phone number for a really long time. If you want to send me money or talk to me by phone, shoot me an email and I'll let you know how to find me. Also, please don't call me Debby, unless you want me to punch your lights out.)

So, what's in the box? My oh my, it's full of art (can I call it that?) that I created way back when. By no means do I consider myself a real "artist" - I reserve that term for the Michaelangelos of the world - but I thought it might be fun (read: stupid) to post a few samples of my work. Feel free to critique...I can take it.

When I lived in Toronto, (around the time I started taking pictures) I spent a lot of time in the coffee houses listening to live music and doodling in my sketchbook with my rapidiograph pens. Here's one of my music inspired drawings:The first piece of graphic art I was paid to do was a poster for a Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show concert. They were the band that ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone because of their hit record, On The Cover of the Rolling Stone.
I did not do the drawing on the cover of Rolling Stone. But I did my own cheap rip-off for the concert poster. The promoter could only afford two-color printing so I used black and red on yellow paper. Be was my first time.
Not sure if this next drawing/poem(?) was done in Toronto or Vancouver. Click on the drawing and you'll see a bigger version and be able to read the writing. If my words make sense to you, please explain them to me.
Next, my first magazine cover...okay, back cover. I'm glad I found this because the original slide is missing. I was hired to shoot pictures of singer/songwriter Doug Steiger in Vancouver. No problem. Except, when I met him to do the shoot, he suggested we do it at Wreck Beach. Uh, isn't that a nude beach? Yup. Yikes. I think he wanted to be one with nature. Fortunately, he didn't ask me to take my clothes off. It was a tough job (watch my nose grow), but somebody had to do it.
I love the Eagles. I shot them a couple of times but didn't remember doing this drawing, until I opened the box.
I also played around with hand lettering. Creating band logos for fun.
I must have been working on my book when I did this one, since it's from '76 and done in San Francisco. BTW, I was not on acid when I did this one. I'm just a natural born freak.
Ditto for this one:
Done from a photograph, my first attenpt at a color pencil portrait. Do you know who it is?
A quick sketch of Ron Wood - me drawing him drawing - done at his house:
And last but not least, another done from a photograph and I assume (hopefully) you can figure out who it is...


Dawno said...

Just updating my AW Blogroll and thought I'd drop by and say "hi" Thank you for joining the AW community - I hope it's a place you'll keep visiting.

Loved the art in this post - that last sketch looks very familiar but at my age my memory isn't so good - any chance you'll say who?


Chesher Cat said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dawno.

I've been part of AW for over a year, mostly in the screenwriting section. Hung out with Jenna @ the NY Expo last year - love what AW is doing for writers.

BTW, the last drawing is the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.

Harry Funk said...
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Harry Funk said...

Hey, I like that "comment deleted" feature! It lets me remove my misinformed guess as to the identity of the blond gentleman in Deborah's sketch.

Lucy said...

Hi Deborah!

I enjoyed the journey through your old art. :-)

I especially grinned when I saw your last one, as I've sketched Cat too!

Oh, and of course I recognized Brian Jones. (I hope!!??)

Your quick sketch of Ron Wood -- I especially like his writing hand, and his chin. I know hands are difficult to sketch.

And that "meant to be" poem -- how very optimistic and inspiring!

You're a very good graphic artist!

I'm intrigued by your new book and will do my best to buy a copy sometime. (I'm always keeping an eye out for a copy of StarArt).

If you have time, visit my blog sometime.