Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wake Me Up When It's Over

Nearing the end of an exhausting trip to San Francisco. Sitting at the Starbucks in the tiny village of Pt. Richmond. How tiny? A triangle shape with a big hill on one side and train tracks on the other two sides. Two or three streets make up the town. There's a pub next door to Starbucks. It closes at 9pm. The Starbucks closes at 7pm. I assume the restaurants all shut down at 6:30 after the early-bird specials.

I'm not staying in the village but this is the closet Starbucks to my hotel. The hotel that advertised WiFi but forgot to mention that it's only in the lobby. And my email program won't let me send from their server. A few nights ago I needed to send an email. We drove to the Starbucks. It was 8:30pm. That's when I found out they close at 7. I sat in the car out front and hooked into the t-mobile and took care of business. As we tried to leave the village, the train track arm descended, blocking the street. We were the only car on the road. We stopped. And waited. The train finally rolled into the intersection. Then it stopped. Right in the middle of the street. It just sat there. And we just sat there. No way out. Like the Twilight Zone. Trapped in a little village. Waiting for the Children of the Damned to surround the car.

Met with the owner of the San Francisco Art Exchange yesterday. They rep some of Ron Wood's art and lots of rock photogrphers. Hopefully, we will do something together in the not-too-distance future. I had a sneak peek at Bill Wyman's photographs that are going up in the next few days. Nice work. And limited edition prints are available for purchase. If you are in the Bay Area between now and the end of July, stop by and check out his show.

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