Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mighty Mites

I've been MIA the past few days, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost is a problem I've been trying to deal with...unsuccessfully. It's a "tiny" problem that feels enormous. The biggest problem with the problem is I couldn't identify it. I googled and researched for days and found nothing.

I have also been otherwise indisposed because I am working on a new script - one that is quickly developing into a story I am very passionate about and can really sink my teeth into. I'm working on it with a partner which I don't normally do - his name is John and has been previously referred to in my blog as "Big Hollywood Executive." This script is really exciting and we are hoping to complete it within the next month.

So, John comes over this morning to work with me and I show him my "tiny" problem and lo and behold the Big Hollywood Executive has the answer. This is what I showed him:
My problem is the tiny specks surrounding the penny. Even though these little guys are close to microscopic, within two seconds John says: Mites. I couldn't believe it. Mites? I google food mites and come upon an article about grain mites. I had looked at one of my little critters under my photo lupe and sure enough, it looked suspiciously like this drawing that accompanied the article:
Damn. John was right. Well, that should dispel some of the misconceptions we writers have about Big Hollywood Executives.

Now the hard part. I have to get rid of them. I already dumped all the boxed cereals that were on top of the fridge. And I emptied out a cupboard that had crackers, pasta and rice - even stuff that appeared to be sealed because I figured these little guys could get into anything. The article confirmed my suspicion. Not only can they sneak into closed containers, they can eat their way into sealed cardboard boxes and plastic ziplock bags. In order to rid myself of the vermin, I have to throw most everything away, vacuum all the cupboards and wash them down with soapy water. They said not to use insect spray in the cupboards - oops. I'm also going to empty/clean the fridge and pull it, and the stove, out from the wall and bleach the floor. Then I won't bring cupboard food in the house for at least a week, just to make sure they've all met their demise.

How did I get grain mites? Probably from something I bought from a store that was already infested. I can only imagine how many of them I digested before I even realized I had a problem. Ugh! I'm definitely not a candidate for Fear Factor.

What else has kept me MIA? I had my garage sale. I have two words about that. Never again.

And last but not least, I tidied up the office. Heres the before picture I put in my "I'm Ashamed of Myself" post:

And this is the after picture:
What did I learn from this? Public shame is a great motivator.

And by the end of the week that bulletin board will be covered in index cards, mapping out the new script.

I can't wait.


billyboy666 said...

So all that floor paperwork has now found a new home (same place but out of eyeshot from the camera...
(Mite)i suggest that a few spoonfuls of the beastes on your cornflakes will not harm you Deborah...it's the thought that puts us off....
billy x

The Moviequill said...

we have a problem with these tiny tiny gnat like flies everywhere, like if we had forgotten a chunk of rotting flesh under a magazine somewhere and now all the flies are coming out... strange

Angelicevil said...

Hey I know this seems like a strange comment but I found this post whilst googling "food mites"! Anyhow, I've just discovered an infestation of food mites in my kitchen last week and I've been battling them ever since. I dumped everything that I could see mites on, including the kettle and toaster, wiped everything down with bleach but yet I woke up this morning to find a couple of the critters merrily wandering all over my kitchen tap. I suppose it's the only place they'll find some nurishment now that everything's been vacuumed and cleaned out with all food stuffs being stored in the half of my kitchen that isn't infected.

I'm also getting a dehumidifier in to dry the air out as my flat does get a bit damp at times.

Anyways, I just wanted to see how you were getting on several months after the infection. Let me know.


Chesher Cat said...

Sorry to hear about your mite plight, Angel.

I cleaned out the one cupboard that was infested and haven't used it since.

They were also all over the top of the fridge - where I used to keep all the cereal. Now, everything goes in the fridge.

I'm just looking forward to when I can afford to tear the whole kitchen out and put in a new one.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have found this - at least I'm not the only one with this problem. I discovered these in my kitchen, not long ago. First time it has ever happened. I have cleaned all affected areas thoroughly, this evening I found them inside the fridge despite cleaning it twice.

Today I found them crawling over my phone (which normally sits on top of the record player which itself wasn't affected)

I've given up getting hacked off everyday I find them where I cleaned only hours before, so I'd be hugely grateful to anyone who can suggest a solution that will prevent these mites returning.

What attracts them?

karina said...

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