Friday, July 14, 2006

Sticks and (no) Stones

I was planning to do a Pink Floyd post.

Something like "Syd Barrett is dead...but I didn't shoot him." He was a founding member of Pink Floyd, even gave them their name. But then he went a bit wacky and left the band in 1968. That was before my time.

Anyway, I pulled out the Pink Floyd slides and negs I shot when it was my time, thinking I'd put some up in tribute to their former bandmate. But then, printed on the top of the neg sheet was "PINK FLOYD/STICKS." Did I shoot Styx and not know how to spell their name? I hope not.

Put the negs in the scanner. Okay, there's Pink Floyd and there's...wait, that's not Styx, it's some guy sitting behind a drum kit. Sticks? Hmmm. A guy named Sticks. A drummer, no less. Vaguely familiar. But on the same neg strip as Roger Waters? I'm not's the proof:

Who is this guy Sticks? In keeping with my credo to honor those I've shot who are dead, it's my duty to find out. But how do I google I guy named Sticks? "Sticks"=93.5 million hits. No, I'm not checking every single one of those. Try "drummer named Sticks", 4 hits - actually 2 duplicated to 4.

First one: Electro-Harmonix LPB-1
I did some sessions with a drummer named "Sticks" that did some gigs with Hendrix, and he said that Hendrix had one of these on his Marshalls. ...

Sticks played with Hendrix? Impressive. It's a post by a guy named Ryan Bruner, reviewing an Electro-Harmonix, whatever that is. He had a band called Feet of Clay and has a couple of IMDB credits. And there's an email address on his review. I'll email him and see if he has any info on Sticks.

And the other hit? Something about him playing with the Jimmy Snyder Band (?) at a club in Nashville.

In the meantime, here's a photo of the drummer named Sticks. Anybody out there know anything about this guy? Maybe I have a Jimi Hendrix expert on board? Much appreciated, as usual.
A drummer named Sticks. I remember thinking that was funny when I met him and shot the photos. It's even funnier now.


RollUmEasy said...

That would be Nesbert "Stix" Hooper, drummer for the Crusaders. Still alive as far as I can tell...

With a name like Nesbert, I can see why he went by Stix. :-)

Brett said...

The Crusaders?

From Houston?

h-town B

Chesher Cat said...

Well, I think you may be right, as usual, Dave.

Although, I had it spelled "Sticks" on my original thing from way back when, and so did the guy that mentioned him online. Since all my shots are posed with the Pearl drums, I assumed I at least had the right spelling of his name.

Yes, Brett, Nesbert played in the Crusaders from Houston and was even born in Houston on August 15, 1938. Hey, maybe you're kin.

billyboy666 said...

Hi Deborah
I did a Syd blog a few months ago.... Syd was one in a million...
(i forgot my password hence no comments for a while...i will have to write it down)
billy x

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Snyder plays at Tootsie's in Nashville.