Monday, July 10, 2006

Your Wish Is My Command

Yes, I have become subservient to the readers of my blog.

This is what transpired in the comment section of another post:
The Moviequill said... yeah, I have way too much fun captioning than to be a neutral judge... by my calculations we're do for another photo too
Chesher Cat said... Anything specific you're wanting to see, Sir Quill?
The Moviequill said... hmmm, how about a sexy female rocker in a provocative pose? this will bring out my worst.. I mean best caption prowess ha

Sir Quill's request spurred me into pulling out my as yet unscanned Tammy Wynette negs (which means I actually did some work on the book today) because I knew I had this sexy female well-maybe-not-rocker on the same show.

Feel free to post captions on this or any of the other photos, Sir Quill.

Whenever I go into my old photos I always find some sort of surprise. This batch had two. First, I was happy to see I have photos of Tammy Wynette singing with then husband George Jones. It had to have been one of their last performances together before they split, as in D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Let's see if anybody gets that.

The second surprise was photos of Chaka Khan. Don't ask me what Chaka was doing on the same roll as Dolly, Tammy and George. Must have been the next show I shot. She was touring with Rufus at the time and since she fits Sir Quill's requirements I decided to throw her up here too.
I guess she's looking a little more provacative than Dolly.

And I couldn't put up female rockers without including Suzi Quatro. Okay, I know most of you don't know who she is but she wears leather and was one of the first female glam-rockers - need I say more? She's American but when she couldn't crack the US charts she moved across the pond and found success in England. Here she is chillin' backstage:
And on stage, with slightly provocative highlighting on the leather:
And, in case you like your female rockers a little on the wild side:
Or maybe a little more educated:
The classes the Quatro band enrolled in were "R" rated. Hopefully. you couldn't make out all those dirty words on the blackboard when you clicked on the photo to make it bigger.

Anybody who knows the names of the band members, please chime in. I think the guy on the far left might be the drummer and the guy next to him, the keyboard player. And I'm pretty sure the guy on the far right is the guitar player, who Suzi Quatro married a year later. I have no idea who the other two people are - just backstage whoevers, although the girl looks like she could be the naughty school teacher.

And to come completely clean here - since it's summertime and I'm in that mood - I don't know what I had going with the two guys on the left, but I have other pictures of them. Like a shot of Mr. Second-to-the-left taking a picture of me (yes, it looks like I may have made a habit of that) and a cute little shot of Mr. Guy-on-the-far-left peeking his head out at me from behind a door (No, not that head!).

So, anyway, I have decided that I am going to cop to sleeping with every male musician that came through town. Why not? It's just easier that way. And maybe it will up my rock'n'roll cred. Ah, hell, I slept with all the women too. There you have it. You heard it here first. And in case you were wondering, I'm sorry to say all the plaster casts were destroyed in the '94 earthquake.


Scott the Reader said...

Leather Tuscadero!

Though sadly Suzi's only U.S. hit was that bland duet "Stumblin' In", with some guy named Chris Norman.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to her sister Pinky Tuscadero?

Caption Dolly Pic:

"Dolly's new tour is sponsored by BF Goodrich: The Industrial Tire & Rubber Division."

Julie O. said...

Was she really Leather Tuscadero? I did think the resemblinx was uncanny...

billyboy666 said...

Hey Deborah
Great pics of Suzi..... She does a great nightly R&R radio show here in Britain.... still a rock chick and i suppose she always will be.
billy x