Monday, July 03, 2006

Remember That Contest?

You know, the Ron Wood et Moi photo caption contest I put up a really long time ago? I do, sort of. You were probably thinking I decided my own caption was the best and awarded myself the prize. Believe me, I thought about it but then decided that wouldn't be fair.

So, I finally got off my butt and recruited some awesome independent judges. And they are so diligent, I even got some of the votes back. But now I'm thinking I could use three more judges. For some reason, I like my judges in sevens. Which means, if you are a regular or even occasional reader of my blog and you feel qualified to determine the fate of all those contestants that are on the edge of their seats waiting for the results, send me an email ( and I'll give you a robe and gavel and put you on the bench.

If you're one of the contestants, don't even think about sending me an email under some assumed name so you can vote for yourself. Like E. Poe or J. Rotten or R. Wood for that matter. I will know who you are and you will be immediately disqualified. Then I will hunt you down, I better not say in case it can be used against me in a court of law.


The Moviequill said...

yeah, I have way too much fun captioning than to be a neutral judge... by my calculations we're do for another photo too

Chesher Cat said...

Anything specific you're wanting to see, Sir Quill?

The Moviequill said...

hmmm, how about a sexy female rocker in a provocative pose? this will bring out my worst.. I mean best caption prowess ha