Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Title Poll

This is my first attempt at running a poll on my blog. If it works this will be your chance to weigh in on the title of my book.

Why would I do that? I put a notice up on a (check it out - it's a cool site) to let other fans know about my book and the never-before-seen photo of Plant and Page. And I got a lot of nice responses on the board put also a few that said my book title was "off-putting" "not very sensitive" and "rather cold."

This question was raised in a more general form in one of my previous posts, and received a few comments. But the great thing about this poll, if it works, is you can vote anonymously. No need to show your face. No names taken. You just need to have an opinion.

So, I really want to know what you all think. New visitors and regulars alike. Click your answer below.

If you have more to say than "yes" or "no" please make a comment. Feel free to rail away on me...I can take it.

And thanks to all the Led Zeppelin fans and recent congregation of Tom Waits fans for stopping by!


Unknown Screenwriter said...

Ahem. Clearing my throat...

I LOVE THE TITLE. The title definitely has cache. You need a title that is going to hone in on my peripheral vision as I walk by it in the bookstore.

EVERYBODY I SHOT IS DEAD does that quite nicely.

Thanks for the anonymous poll. Suits me just fine.


Anonymous said...

the play on words makes you sit up in your seat and notice

Systemaddict said...

It's the perfect name. Catches the eye and ear- before anyone even knows what it's about. That's what I'd go for.


Julie O. said...

Your title rocks. The "few that said my book title was 'off-putting' 'not very sensitive' and 'rather cold'" don't sound like fans of classic rock -- maybe they stumbled upon the Led Zep board accidentally? Real fans would get why that title is great.

Also, the title makes it clear that the book is told from the POV of someone who knew these guys when they were alive. It's not just a bunch of pictures of dead guys. I assume you'll have some road stories and anecdotes to share what it's like having known all these charismatic and talented people who died too young.

(Last I looked, poll was 82% in favor of your title...)

Kirsten said...


I think that is a real eye-catcher. I find it's edgy without being offensive.

pooks said...

I agree with Julie O -- are you sure those were Led Zep fans?

Great title.

Anonymous said...

I think the title is insensitive although it is an attention-grabber. Just depends on your artistic preference for how to grab attention. You asked for suggestions of alternatives... off the top of my head, "Shoot to Live."
Best regards,
a fellow genuine Zep fan