Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Promise is a Promise...Tom Waits

The Tom Waits poster and limited edition photographs
are, don't walk to

Update - 4/11/07
The Tom Waits prints will be for sale by the end of next week.
Check out what's available

A few weeks ago the blog heard that I had some old TomWaits pictures up. Suddenly, I had hundreds of TW fans linking to my post. The point of the post was to show that I was capable of taking not-so-great photographs, using all five shots of TW from when he opened a Frank Zappa concert in Vancouver. I balanced the bad pics out with one decent photo I took at the Troubadour the following year. Still, the TW fans were kind. They even commented that they liked the photos. So after bunches of people had stopped by, I edited the post promising to put up a few more.

Here they are - never-before-seen photographs - shot at the Troubadour the second week of August, 1975.

Please chime in in the comments if you can identify the sax player
and the guy on the upright bass. I like this photo - it really gives
the feel of his show...the stack of papers he's clutching
and all the cigarette butts on the floor.

He had a lot of hair topple out when he took off the hat.

I love this photograph. Putting it in my Top Five along
with the Led Zeppelin pic (second post down).

And now for a pre-announcement announcement. Since the inception of my book, I had always planned to have gallery openings to kick off the book drop (can I use drop for publishing or is that just for CDs?), with Limited Editions of the photographs available for sale. And I thought I would follow that with Limited Editions of some of my other photographs not in the book.

Recently, I've been encouraged to release the Limited Edition prints of photographs that won't be in the book before the in soon. I am currently researching all the logistics of this endeavor. Such as, finding a lab I want to work with, finding a framer, deciding on how many prints per Edition (I'm thinking 50-100, possibly in three different sizes), how much they will cost, and how I'm going to set up a retail site.

The one thing I have decided on...I'll be launching with a Tom Waits photograph. Please email me ( if you want to be notified before the Tom Waits Edition hits the streets. And, if you have an opinion on which photo I should launch with.

Please let me know in the comments who else you might want to see in future Limited Editions. If I haven't shot them, I'll guide you to someone who has.


Unknown Screenwriter said...

Any Jethro Tull?


JaKob said...

It *COULD* be Bill Plummer on Bass and Teddy Edwards on sax as they've performed with Tom around that time...

Eric said...

Will these limited edition prints be available to buy over the Internet or just in person? I would LOVE that last pic to be hanging on my wall.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Eric.

That's the one I'm planning to run first. Send me an email so I can contact you when it's available.