Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tom Waits Photo

The Wait's almost over.

Next week I'm going to present my first Tom Waits photograph for purchase. The first image I am offering is the live shot of him smoking.

I spent the past several months mulling over the best way to cater to all income brackets without compromising quality. And I finally figured it out.

For the die-hard Tom Waits collectors there will be a 16"x20" limited edition of 75 numbered and signed (by me, not Tom) archival photographic prints. I chose an edition of 75 because that is the year the photograph was taken. Once the 75 are sold there will be no more available, unless someone decides to resell. The initial price on this offering will be $400 and will be subject to change as the edition sells out.

For the die-hard Tom Waits collectors that can't get in on the limited edition, there will be an 11"x14" open edition signed by me (but not numbered) of archival photographic prints. The initial price on this offering will be $200, and subject to change.

And finally, for the die-hard collectors and fans in all tax brackets, there will be an unlimited museum-quality lithographic print (unsigned) on heavyweight matte paper. The initial price on this offering will be $25 for the first month and $30 thereafter. The image size will be 9.5"x14" on 11x17 paper. And it will look like this (without all that copyright stuff on the image, of course):

(click on image for larger view)

All prints will be available for purchase via my website only and should be up by the end of next week, once the printing is done.

If you want to reserve a print in advance, feel free to email your request to:


Timo said...

The photo looks great! I´ve really been waiting for this! It´s great that even I can afford to buy one (the 25$) I hope you can send them to Europe? What are the payment methods? I don´t have a visa only visa electron, but my friend has visa, so if necessary, I put him to pay and pay him later. How about the shipping costs? Just don´t wanna miss this opportunity. Thank you so much, and hope everything goes well with your book, It´s been interesting to read your blog!

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Timo.

I can send to Europe - either UPS or US postal service. I will research the shipping options and costs tomorrow.

Payments will be through PayPal. They take credits cards. Will be checking out all the options for overseas sales as well.

It will all be up on my website early next week and orders will be shipped as soon as the payments clear.

I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Are the 75 limited edition prints actual traditional photographs or digital prints? GREAT PHOTO!
Austin TX

Chesher Cat said...


Yes, it is an old school photographic print on high fiber double weight archival paper and printed from the original negative.