Monday, April 09, 2007

What I Did Today

Tweaked Terry Kath's layout and sized all the photos. Looks much better now. Six pages, 3 full page photos and 14 more in various sizes.

Did the layout and sizing for Papa John Creach.

Did the layout for the Grateful Dead (Jerry and Keith).

Tweaked the George Harrison layout.

Only 4 layouts to go.

Plus 3 additional sizings.

Time to sleep.


The Old Mule said...

I am a total deadhead; therefore, you rock. But don't tell anyone, it would ruin my image.

Peg said...

Really lookin' forward to the Terry Kath photos. I've had a renewed appreciation for his work since seeing a 1970 video of the original Chicago Transit Authority. What an amazing talent!

Harry Funk said...

To reiterate, Terry Kath was one amazing guitar player. Listen to his work on "Poem 58" on the "Chicago Transit Authority" album. Those are some chops!

His passing certainly was a tragedy. It also was said to hear the band deteriorate into a constant rehash of "If You Leave Me Now."