Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In Other News

I relieved my Lowell George depression by printing out my George Harrison pictures. My 11 color photos and twice as many black & white George Harrison pictures, thank you very much.

I was about to do the layout for George and Harrison (ha ha, get it?), but then decided to dig into my Michael Bloomfield section and finish the print-outs I started last month. Aack. His computer folder is in complete disarray. How appropriate. I started with his pictures a year ago February. I don't have that many - more lost pictures and another reason you'll read about in the book - but still, it's a mess. Reminds me of the time he sent me to his house to look at his artwork. Since he decided not to be there, I had to look through the house on my own. His bedroom looked like his computer folder. In other words, so bad that I had to take a break and write this post. Enough said.

When I'm done with this post, I'll probably flake on Michael and do the layout for George. The Beatle. I'm thinking it will flow easily. And easy is exactly what I'm looking for right now.

In other news...

I found Fred Kaplan's email address. Due to Dave Chamness not giving up. Thank you, Dave. You will be rewarded. It was his second to last stab that did the trick. I emailed Delta Groove and they emailed back his personal email address. I'll send him a note tonight. Yay...I don't have to drive all the way to Laguna to track him down.

I also heard back from Tim Renwick (through Brian Mathieson) about Peter Wood. Tim played in several bands with Peter, including the Al Stewart Band when I shot him. He didn't have the birth and death dates I'm looking for but he did go into how he died:

"The dates for Peter I'm not sure of. I know he died when he fell over and knocked himself out during a solitary drinking binge (it seems he was a secret drinker - schnapps being the drink of choice - so oblivion seeking, the motivation) I think the actual cause of death in such cases is hyperthermia. It was very tragic, at the time there had to be a `whip-round` to pay for his funeral expenses I was told. Those of us in the UK did not hear of his demise for a while as he'd separated from his wife and was hiding away a lot."

Very sad. Peter was a sweet fun-loving guy, as you will see by his photos (and the ones he took of me) in the book.

And finally, since I can't find my Lowell George color pics, the least I could do is confirm the identity of which son (we think it's Forrest) is in the photo with Lowell and Mo Ostin. I was going to ask Dave Chamness to take care of this for me - since he seems to have a lot of slack time -but I went ahead and found an email for George's daughter's manager. He sent the photo on to her and I am waiting to hear back.



peg said...

Thanks for the Bloomfield memories. Keep 'em comin'. Hope you find the pics!!

Harry Funk said...

You'll be glad to know that I turned a colleague on to Mr. Bloomfield, who has been ordering everything with his name on it from amazon. I'm always working on converts!