Thursday, April 19, 2007


Here are two cover ideas for the book. Which one do you like?

Cover 1 (front)

Cover 1 (back)

Cover 2 (front)

Cover 2 (back)

For those of you who don't like to make comments, vote here:


peg said...

Cover #2

peg said...

On second thought, I think I like the first one better.

RollUmEasy said...

I like cover #1. Having your picture on the cover holding the camera explains the context of the title, whereas without it...people might just think you're a mafia hit (wo)man with good aim. :-)

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Peg. You're just like me...a waffler.

And Dave...what makes you think I don't want to be thought of as a hit (wo)man with good aim?

Timo said...

My choise is cover #1.

I don´t know if it´s proper to write here about the TW poster, but.. So they couldn´t help me in Finlands postal office, just told me to check for more help. I think I would regret more if I didn´t even try to get the poster, than if I lose the money. So if it is possible that I pay the poster and the shipment for you ahead and you send the poster through the post office no matter whether it arrives or not, I´d be ready for it. I hope I´m not bothering you too much with this thing, that is not my purpose, it´s just that the photo is so amazing and I´m such a huge Tom Waits fan (just listening Blue Valentine) that I would love to hang it on my wall. If it´s not possible then I guess I just have to accept it, anyway it´s not your fault I live so far away.

Kirsten said...

Cover #1 is brilliant. Cover #2 I really don't get.

It will break my heart if Timo doesn't get a poster.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Kirsten.

And don't worry, Timo will get a poster. I spent an hour at the post office today with all my wares trying to figure out the best way to ship, both international and domestic.

Now, I just have to figure out the PayPal integration. They promise you can take credit cards on your website in a matter of minutes. Yet, their integration guides - there's 3 of them - are over 200 pages combined.

We're trying to get it up and running this weekend.

Chesher Cat said...


As I said...this will work out. I just have to crunch a few more numbers but I think I have a reasonable way to get it to Finland and insured, so you won't have to worry about losing your money.

And you are not bothering me at all. I really appreciate the fact that you love the picture enough to take a chance on losing your money to get it. My goal is to share my photos with people who will appreciate them - thank you for being one of those people.

I hope if I can do a gallery show for Everybody I Shot Is Dead in London this Fall you will find a way to get to the opening so I can meet you in person.

peg said...

Deborah, will you be selling any of your other photos, mainly the Bloomfield ones?

Timo said...

Thank you so much Deborah! I really appreciate all the trouble you´ve seen on making the international shipments possible. I promise that after I´ve got the poster I will send you a picture of me holding the poster with the biggest smile ever. It would be so cool to come to London, if you get a gallery show there, I´ll do everything to get to the opening :)

Anonymous said...

I have just voted for Cover#1, then I realized that it says, "If you don't like to leave your comments, vote here." Well, it's not that I don't exactly like to leave comments.... Actually, Cover#2 reminds me of "I Shot the Sheriff" and I think it's pretty cool, too. I also sent you some info a while back about things you were enquiring about. I could not find your e-mail address on this site, so I sent it to the contact addy on your productions site. Hope that helped.

Chesher Cat said...

Hi Anon,

I'm not sure who you are so I don't know if I got what you sent.

I thought my email was in the profile but I guess it evaporated when the blog converted to beta or from beta a few months ago.

I fixed that now so you can email me directly from the "View my complete profile" link.

In the meantime, who are you and what did you send?

Anonymous said...


> I'm not sure who you are
> so I don't know if I got what you sent.

True! Now you make me feel stupid...

Actually, I sent you the info about a Vancouver concert date about two weeks ago. I am sending you an e-mail directly again anyway. Hope that bit of info helps.

Brett said...


I love the star icon, but it doesn't tell me anything about teh book, and given that the title is already a bit on teh punnishly cryptic side, if I walked by and saw that cover I'd as likely as not keep on walking.

The self-referential phot of you behind teh camera is also most excellent, and would be my choice for the back cover art, IF...

... the front cover were somehow designed to "show" that same moment as seen from the POV of that back cover photographer. IOW, a viewfinder shot from the photos inside the book itself, hopefully some recognizable performance shot of a major player so that when you SEE the book you immediately say "HEY! THAT'S JOHN BONHAM, MAN!"


Either way, huge congrats-- I know this has been a monster labor of love, and I'm sure it's going to blow up huge for you. With your proceeds maybe YOU can buy the next round at Lucy's. ;-)