Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Plugging Away

I finished all the layouts yesterday. And it didn't take long - last night to be exact - before I went back over the layouts I did earlier and made a bunch of changes. Mostly reducing the size of some of the photos so each page has a minimum 3/4" white border.

Today I printed out a couple of the pages at full size and placed them on the pages of the Dummy. Wow. The pictures look really big. So does the text. I think I'll reduce the type size but probably leave the pictures nice and big.

I'm now using two different scanning companies since there are over 350 photos in the book. The second company I chose will most likely be printing the photos that I'm using in the gallery shows. They will be scanning all those shots for the 16 x 20 gallery show prints and I'll size them down for the book. It's creating extra work for me because I have to separate all the gallery shots from the batches I've already sized and sent to the other scanner guys.

Soon as that's done, I'll be completely focused on the writing. Some is done. Most is not. And all the done writing needs a rewrite.

The Tom Waits neg went in for a test print on the Limited Edition. On Saturday, I was visiting a guy at a gallery who may carry some of my Starart books and showed him the Waits project. They want to see the print as soon as it's done and will likely carry it in the gallery. That means the limited edition prices will immediately double, to remain in line with the other rock photography they sell. Which means I will no longer be able to sell the limited edition and open edition prints at $400 and $200, respectively. So, if you're interested in one of them, you should put in a reservation request (doesn't mean you have to follow through on the purchase) asap. I will honor all reservations at those prices that are received by this Monday. No guarantees on the price after that.

The $25/$30 poster is going to print tomorrow and should be ready early next week. I'm still compiling the shipping information and am sorry to report that international shipments cost more than the poster ($63 to Finland, Timo). I tried to go through the post office. It's around $11 to Finland but I can't insure the package, which creates a liability issue for me. U.S. shoppers should be happy with their $7 or $8 postage and handling fee. Anyway, if anybody has alternate suggestions, I open to hearing them.

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Timo said...

Wow!#! After rocovering from the first shock I emailed to Finlands postal service and asked if they knew anyway to help me out. I think I´m going to wait for their reply and hopefully within few days they have figured out something. And if they come up with nothing.. well then I´m willing to gamble my money with that 25$ plus 11$ no insurance shipment, meaning I pay the poster and the shipment for you ahead and you keep the money no matter will I ever get the poster or not, if it´s just ok with you?

But first I´ll wait a few days and see if something else comes up. It would just mean so much to me to get that poster..